The Jewels of Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is all about bringing balance, harmony and order into your life. Multi-faceted pure Swarovski crystals are one of Feng Shui’s major remedies for creating a movement of vital energy within your living and working spaces. When you hang a crystal from the ceiling in any given room, it will encourage the universal life force to flow freely throughout the room. If the energy in a space does not flow freely, it may affect your health, finances, relationships or even your reputation.

These beautiful Swarovski crystals are strung with a multitude of colored crystals and gems to enhance the flow of energy in any room of your home or office. The various colors of each hanging crystal will resonate with different areas of your home/office. A powerful adjustment of ‘chi’ will result as they create positive energy in your living and working spaces.

To read more about any of the dazzling hanging crystals click on any of the photos. Also look at my Articles page to see how to use each of these stunning crystals.

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Now you can also bring that energy to your physical body by wearing this brilliant handcrafted jewelry. Choose from a variety of selections and colors to enhance and adjust your personal Chi.

Take a look at these lovely necklaces! Feng Shui necklaces are not just used as a fashion statement. They also are used to uplift ones energy and create a balance of personal Chi. Wear these healing gems to sparkle and dazzle while bringing balance and harmony to your inner soul.

Click on the necklace photo to see our wide variety of jeweled pieces! Great gifts for friends. And don’t forget to gift yourself!

Wear these beautiful bracelets to enhance and balance your inner chi. Custom crafted for health and beauty…

Each individually hand-crafted jeweled piece features the highest grade of crystal embellished with combinations of silver, jade, cubic zirconium and various other vintage gems. These gems are used for harmony and balance.

 To view the collection of Stunning Bracelets, click on the photo to be redirected.

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