Insomnia? Try this Feng Shui mirror remedy!


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There is a wonderful saying that “Mirrors are the Aspirin of Feng Shui!

I first heard the statement in one of my classes years ago and I must say, I was intriqued!

Regarding Feng Shui, there are different schools and  techniques and that can be somewhat confusing for someone looking for the right answer… Especially with the use of mirrors.!

For me, it was easy. I was being trained by one of the most brilliant  teachers in Feng Shui! I followed his teachings to the max and that resulted in the most profound results for my own students and clients!

And that’s why I get to share some wonderful tips with you!

Last week, I talked about mirrors in the bedroom. Today, we are still in the bedroom, but I want to give you a tip on how a mirror or two may help with sleep issues.


There seems to be a plague going around where more and more people are having sleep issues. The amount of sleep medication in this country is at an all time high.

Before you head for the medicine cabinet, maybe try a simple Feng Shui “remedy” used to help you sleep and stay asleep. (It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous)!

It’s not a magic cure, but it really helps!

I hear you. You’re giggling as you peruse your shelf. How can I possibly live without my: Ambien, Lunesta, Rozerem and even melatonin (which has some weird side affects for some people). I had some nasty nightmares on melatonin!

Now, I’m not suggesting that you go cold turkey and throw out your medication!!! Yipes, NO!! And always talk to your doctor before making ANY medication changes!!

But if you’re thinking about going on sleep medication, or maybe you’re trying to scale down on what you’re already taking, try this non invasive, perfectly benign sleep “remedy.” (When my stress level was out of control, I tried this and it helped)!


Find a 3″ round plain mirror.  (See above).

Next you’ll  want to lift your mattress a bit to place the mirror (mirrored side up) between the mattress and the box spring right below your head.

Visualize that the mirror is producing a calming and balancing affect on your body. See yourself falling asleep and staying asleep all night. Each night before getting in bed, think of the mirror and how lovely your sleep will be!

It sounds too easy, but it is known to work more times than not, so give it a try and let me know what happens!! It certainly can’t hurt!!

Happy Snoozing!


Next week I’ll talk about mirror remedies for breathing or lung problems. (A mirror remedy might help asthma, especially for children)!

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Feng Shui Office Energizers


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If you want to work better and produce more, it might be a good idea to use a few of these “feng shui energizers!’

Try putting a small pot of  lucky bamboo next to your computer to absorb some excess radiation, but mainly to create a more peaceful energy while you work.

Golden Pathos is considered a wonderful feng shui plant. Place one either in front of your desk or just beside it if you are seated directly in front of the door to your office. This will disperse some of the negative chi or (shar chi) that hits you from the doorway.

If you absolutely have to have your back to your door (not recommended) then be sure to find a way to place a mirror either on your desk or on the wall so you can see a reflection of the office entrance. Not having a commanding view of the doorway can create work related stress, fatigue and a lack of well-being while working.

Use high energy items sprinkled around your office, such as photos of your family or friends that carry the energy of happy moments.  Also, bright vibrant art raises the chi of your space.

Look around your working space. Does it suggest a flow or does it seem cluttered or congested?

Do you enjoy being in this space or do you feel uncomfortable while working? 

Utilizing good feng shui guidlines will help you to become organized and more productive, and you will certainly feel less stressful!

“Elaine has used her incredible Feng Shui skills in my homes and offices for over six years. After her initial visit, my income tripled in three months! My stress level decreased dramatically, and clients and staff  are more relaxed. My personal life has also seen some major positive changes. She is a highly talented woman and I won’t make a move without her advice!”

Robert Radcliffe
Brentwood, California

 Contact Elaine:

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Feng Shui and Stress Relief


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The holidays are are a wonderful time of the year! But how many of you groan with the stress that sometimes comes with the joy of the season?

Gifts to buy, food to shop for and cook, travel (which can be a stress by itself) family gatherings and crowds!You name it… it can all take it’s toll on your mind and body.

It’s most important to find time to be alone and find “me time.” Daily meditation may be hard to accomplish, but just simply setting a time when the family is out for the day can be a great time to relax and regenerate.

When I’m feeling stressed and tired, I bring out my Lavender oils, herbs and incense.  I sleep with a Lavender scented herb pillow near my head and I spray lavender scent around my bedroom before sleep. I wake up rested and refreshed. I also use the same “remedies’  while getting that important ‘me time’  no matter if I’m at my desk or curled up on my comfy sofa.

Above my head, I might hang from the ceiling a multi-faceted clear Swarovski crystal to help balance my emotions. (This is especially effective  when hung over the bed or your desk). Adding multi-colored Amber colored crystals and gems heighten the effect.

Making sure that your bed and desk are in what we call “the commanding position” will also lessen stress. The commanding position is when you lie in bed or sit at your desk and have a clear view of the door to the room, with out having to turn your head from side to side

So here we are….. a breath away from all the excitement of the season. So, take a deep breath, send out love to you family and friends and give thanks for all the Blessings in your life?



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Feng Shui for Health


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I get many calls from individuals who are suffering from various emotional and physical stresses. After they have had a proper medical evaluation (a requirement), I will request a floor plan of their home and/or office space and do a preliminary diagnosis. 

 What I look for are imbalances of energy in their environments, often a contributing factor in their health issues. Correcting the inbalances by applying the most effective Feng Shui techniques and remedies is the usual course of action.

Our bodies need a harmonious flow of energy to facilitate the nourishment of our cells and to support smooth metabolism and cell rejuvenation.

When a person is suffering from a degenerative disease such as arthritis, the problem may only be solved temporarily, even with medication and acupuncture, because the person is usually suffering from a general lack of smooth energy flow within the body.
Statistics have shown that individuals who chronically suffered from colds, flu’s and fungal infections recovered after the Feng Shui of their homes was improved.
Children living in an imbalanced home may exhibit signs of agitation, aggressiveness and hyperactivity. A lack of concentration and academic performance may occur.
Adults are more stressed, bad tempered, agitated and conflicted. A general lack of balanced energy may result in in reduced blood circulation and aggravate heart problems.
Feng Shui is certainly not a “magic bullet” for all of life’s ills and chills, but environments that have good Feng Shui statistically prove to be a perfect adjunct to a healthy life style in keeping your family healthy and prosperous. 
Elaine Giftos Wright
Certified Feng Shui Consultant\The Wright Way of Feng Shui
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