How To Attract Your Mate


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How to Attract Your Mate

By Tami Smight and Elaine Giftos Wright

I often design for single clients who are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right.  When the subject of the master bedroom is at hand, I offer some ancient wisdom I have learned from my friend and colleague, Elaine Giftos Wright, Feng Shui master. (The Wright Way of Feng Shui,

First of all the wall color is vitally important for attracting your mate.  “When you want to attract your mate, paint the room a shade of peach”, Elaine advises.  “And when you have your mate, immediately remove the peach from the room”, cautions Elaine.

What color does Elaine suggest you use to replace the peach color?  “Shades of pink, rose, mauve, even red will be ideal once you have your mate” offers Elaine.  As a designer, I am thrilled that Elaine is giving us lots of options for the pink/rose/red shades, based on her years of experience as a Feng Shui Master! 

Now Elaine has studied the ancient art of Feng Shui for years and has traveled to China to perfect her skills.  She has enriched the lives of so many individuals and families with her Feng Shui remedies, so when Elaine speaks on the subject, I listen!  This remedy works for both men and women.  Really, for the cost of a can of paint, what have you got to loose?

I would like to compliment Elaine’s advice with a bit of my own.  Because there are many shades of peach paint, I want to give you some interior design guidance to compliment Elaine’s remedy.

I offer you three colors of peach to consider.

  • Benjamin Moore “Vivid Peach” #025 – this warm shade will compliment both women and men alike.  Not too feminine, and not too pink.  Consider this for a bedroom that gets little natural light.


  • Benjamin Moore: Georgia Peach #031; A hint of pink gives this shade a slightly feminine feel, warm brown undertones in this paint color will be a nice background to wood furniture and accessories.


  • Dunn Edwards Rustique DE5149: Terra cotta undertones make this peach acceptable for a man or a woman’s bedroom. For a room with abundant natural light, this color will stay warm, and keep the room calm feeling all day.


Remember, once you get the love of your life, get that paintbrush out and paint the shades of pink or rose or red.  What color to pick after that?  Well, you should call Elaine and Tami to evaluate what works best!

Happy Hunting!

If you need professional help manifesting your authentic style in your home, call Tami Smight Interiors 661 430-0127.

You can contact Elaine at:

661 799-0607

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Valentine’s Day Traditions and Feng Shui!


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Romance is in the air and so is sharing, loving and having fun!

We who practice Feng Shui love Valentine’s Day because of the usage of vibrant colors such as  Pinks and Reds. These colors add tremendous energy especially if used in the South west areas of your home.

Pink is the color for love and romance and Red is the color of Passion! Adding these colors to your bedroom will spice things up!

What I thought might be fun to share with you today are some of the Valentine traditions around the world.


Did you know that in India, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with much fervor and excitement, especially among the young?

The boys and girls take to the streets and form parades throughout the city. The rush of excitement regarding Valentines Day can be felt weeks before the actual day with adrenaline pumping in anticipation of the upcoming festival.

Jewelry is one of the main gifts exchanged between husband and wife on this romantic day. Boys search out teddy bears for their girlfriends and the shops sell out early. Gifts of love maps, tulips, baskets filled with rare artifacts are also very popular among lovers.


Ahhhh Italy! Land of love and passion! Italians take Valentine’s Day seriously and it is a popular day for Italians to get engaged or marry.

There is an old Italian tradition that on Valentine’s day, parents will wake up unmarried girls before sunrise. They believe that the first boy the young girl sees in the morning, or someone who looks like him will become her husband in the future.

Girls have been known to wake up early and stand in front of their windows to see if ‘Mr. Right” may be walking by!


The Irish like to exchange  poetry on this day. After all, this land has turned out some of the more famous poets in history!

They exchange love messages in the form of poetry to each other. The Irish will often cook delicious foods in the colors of Red and Pink to serve to their lovers. Red tinted bread, mashed potatoes and a red tinted cake is one of the favorites.


I can’t forget Greece as it is the home of my ancestors. Men and women in Greece will often spend the entire day together on this very romantic day. If a Greek woman is given a bouquet of red roses, being emotional beings they  will often break out in tears!

 Greek woman love scents and like to smell fresh. Perfume gifts from their men are always appreciated.

Greek men will often sing love songs to their beloveds, and the shops and tavernas are awash with celebrating couples.

Where ever you are on this special day, I wish you all the most happiest of all Valentine’s Days!!

Love and Blessings


Elaine Giftos Wright is a certified Feng Shui practitioner in the Los Angeles area.

Contact me at:

and check out my website for my FREE Ebook “How to Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui” 

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Feng Shui And Romance!


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Are you looking for a new romance? Well, romance is in the air if you properly prepare!

Many single individuals often ask me how to draw in a new romantic partner using Feng Shui. Of course I tell them that feng shui is not a magic bullet to magically produce the love of your life  BUT, feng shui can certainly assist in bringing good energy to your home and perhaps drawing in that perfect mate.

When you create a bedroom that signals the universe that you are ready to share your life, you start the flow of energy in the right direction.

Foe instance, many single people set up their bedrooms with only themselves in mind. Of course  that would be logical since they are the only ones inhabiting the bedroom.

To signal the universe that you wish to share your space, you must begin by using “the power of two.”

Here are a few examples.

Even though you are the only one using the bed and you have your favorite side of the bed with an end table and lamp (why have two you ask)! This says clearly that you want to be alone!

You will want to set your bedroom up for two, so start by having another end table and lamp on the other side of the bed. Voila! It already is prepared for that special someone to share your space! 

Color can create romance. Have a splash of Red, or Fuchsia in your bedroom. These colors create passion. Also, pink attracts Romance.  (Hanging a beautiful jeweled pink crystal) over your bed adds the color of love and romance.

Stay away from bright and busy patterns in the bedroom. Bright active colors are best in other rooms.

If you have items from past relationships, they MUST be extracted from the bedroom. You will not be able to bring in the new if you don’t release the past.

If possible, it’s best to buy a new bed after a relationship is over. At the very least, you should use new linens!

If you are a woman, please make sure that your bedroom isn’t all soft and fluffy. If it’s too sweet and frilly, a man won’t feel comfortable there.

DO NOT SLEEP UNDER A BEAM! This is feng shui 101! A beam will oppress your love life and also your health, so move the bed or use feng shui remedies to offset the problem.

Don’t flush away romance by having your bed too close to a bathroom. Always shut the door and keep the toilet seat down after you go to bed.

And of course, get rid of clutter in the bedroom! When you clear the clutter from your bedroom, you open up the room to new energy and a new love. If there is too much of your ‘stuff’ in your bedroom, you signal that there is no space left for anyone who may wish to share your life and/or bedroom!

De-clutter now!

Somewhere in your bedroom, hang a picture of a loving couple, never a single person. The images on your bedroom wall should be soft and loving, never an image that depicts loneliness, violence or sadness. (Be careful what you see on your walls. It reflects your life)!

To all of you looking for love, I wish you many blessings and the best of success!



Elaine Giftos Wright is a certified Feng Shui consultant, instructor, speaker and author. Contact her at:

FREE EBOOK! Download Elaine’s book, Money Money Money..How to Increase Your Finance with Feng Shui! Click here to receive your copy.

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