Feng Shui and Prayer


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Hi everyone!

You haven’t heard much from me lately as I took another sabbatical from blogging to continue my studies in Feng Shui.

(There is always more to learn and as you know, feng shui is my passion)!I’m so excited to share some wonderful ideas and tips on how Feng Shui can improve your life! I will be blogging regularly to assist you in any way I can!

I must tell you the joy I personally receive from having good Feng Shui in my own life. I’ve had many challenges,  my share of heartbreak and disappointments but I can tell you truthfully, that with out the balance and  harmony that feng shui has provided for me, I would be a mess!

No, I’m not being dramatic…it’s true!!

I also believe in the power of prayer. Since Feng Shui has absolutely nothing to do with religion, I am free to worship as I wish. Feng Shui will never get in the way of my strong belief in God and my Christian beliefs.

I also receive so much joy from my clients who report such wonderful results from having Feng Shui done in their homes and offices! Maybe that’s why I often suffer from TMJ symptoms as I’m constantly smiling from ear to ear! (I must run that by my doctor)!!

Today I have a tip for you!


I get questions about mirrors so often in my practice that I decided to  devote some blogging time to try and clear up some confusion.

So many people ask me about mirrors in the bedroom! In our school of Feng Shui, mirrors placed correctly in a bedroom are a good source of positive energy.

A round or oval mirror in a master bedroom is always good for marital harmony. (If you’re standing at the door of your bedroom, the best place for the mirror would be the far right corner of the room. This is considered the Marriage and Relationship corner of the bedroom).

Another good place would be on the wall behind your bed. Now, many of you worry about earthquakes here in California, but if you have a good handyman who can secure it with bolts, etc. you’ll be fine.

The main “remedy” for a mirror behind the bed is that issues of the past can be released and resolved. (This was important for me personally as I had to work through some painful issues in my own life)!

I have a lovely antique mirror behind my bed and I feel quite safe. The way it’s secured, the entire wall would have to fall, in which case? Oh dear!!

Check in with me again to get some more tips on how to encourage abundance, prosperity, better health and happier relationships with Feng Shui!

I send Many Blessings,


If you are interested in attracting more wealth and abundance in life, download my FREE E-Book “How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui!




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Money Trees!


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What exactly is a Feng Shui Money Tree?

Actually the correct name for what we think of as “Money Trees” is Pachira.

Pachira is a lovely, leafy plant and many people enjoy the beauty of this particular plant/tree.

According to feng shui principles, this plant is said to bring prosperity and abundance into your home if placed correctly.

I have a gorgeous Pachira in my Wealth area of my home that has grown to an amazing 7ft tall! It started out as a 1ft high baby plant. It is leafy and stunning and brings a beauty to my room that is unsurpassed!

The best part is that it needs so little care. Just a little sunlight and some water a few times a month is all that is needed.

I get my “Money Trees” from this online merchant. Just as fresh flowers are delivered to your door, you can purchase a beautiful fresh tree in any size and have it delivered safely to your home.

Check them out here: Click here to browse!

And don’t forget to download your FREE E-Book, Feng Shui For Wealth

Just go to my website; http://www.way2fengshui.com and get your copy today!

Many Blessings,


Contact me at: egwright@way2fengshui.com,  and ask me questions!

I love to talk about Feng Shui!

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Is Feng Shui magic??


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Is Feng Shui magic??

I love this question as much as I love, “Is feng shui Voodoo, or Mysticism?” And let’s not forget this one….”I thought that feng shui was a new age fad!”

So let me give you an answer to all of this! NO!! Feng Shui is none of the above!

Please don’t be uncomfortable with feng shui! It’s been helping people for centuries!

Individuals, families, corporations, and businesses  all benefit from having good feng shui.

If you would like to attract more balance, harmony and prosperity into your life, than feng shui may be just right for you!!

Feng Shui is really just the conscience participation in a natural process that has been around for hundreds of years.

Feng Shui philosophy is really quite simple. If you are able to connect your personal energy to that of your immediate environment, you will be in tune with the natural forces of nature. You will naturally experience the results in a happier more productive life.

That’s it! 


No magic, no mysticism, no religious beliefs!

Feng Shui is based on science!

I am passionate about feng shui! Personally, it has helped me with such significant positive changes in my life, it would be hard to ignore.

As a certified feng shui consultant with over 15 years of professional practice, I have seen extraordinary results with so many people that I am often amazed at how such a beautiful simple practice can help change lives for the better!

I would love it if you would visit:  http://www.way2fengshui.com

and check out all of the information about what feng shui is and what it is NOT!

Also, download your FREE Ebook from my homepage  “Money – Money – Money, How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui”

Please let me know if I have helped you to get a better understanding about Feng Shui. I would love to hear what you have to say!

Many Blessings,


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Finding Good Feng Shui Consultants!


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Finding a  good feng shui consultant takes some time!

OK, I want you to get the most from your feng shui experience so please excuse me for “tooting my own horn!”

To introduce myself, my name is Elaine Giftos Wright and I am a certified feng shui consultant with over 4 years of training and 15 years of experience working as a professional feng shui consultant.. I have served literally hundreds and hundreds of individuals and families, successfully helping them to achieve happier more harmonious lives using the tools of feng shui. I absolutely love my work….. and the calls I get from people I have helped are my JOY!

Even though I am based in California, I serve clients all over the United States, including Hawaii, Europe and Australia either in person or by phone consultations.

Are you still with me? Hope so….I have a bit more to tell  you, So please hang in there!

My work includes; residential homes; condos; apartments; small businesses; stores; corporate offices; restaurants; hotels; schools; hospitals; doctor, dentist and attorney’s offices; film and recording studios; etc. etc.

Now, I get this question all the time!

Is Feng Shui some kind of a religion?

I would like to assure you that Feng Shui is not a religion, in any shape or form, and it does not conflict with anyone’s individual spiritual beliefs. And it is definitely not magic!

Feng Shui is based on science, and even though the practice is fairly new to this country (approx 18 years) it has served thousands upon thousands of people all over the world for centuries.

The philosophy of feng shui is really quite simple. If you are able to connect your personal energy to that of your immediate environment, you will be in tune with the natural forces of nature and you will experience the results in a happier more productive life. This is where feng shui comes in to help! 

Now, to get the most from your feng shui experience, it’s important when you hire a feng shui consultant that you ask questions about her/his training and experience.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed individuals calling themselves feng shui consultants after they have read a few books on feng shui, or spent a weekend in a feng shui class!

This should never be acceptable!

Professional consulting in the art of feng shui takes training and experience and should never be taken lightly. It is also a good idea to obtain referrals and testimonials from others when you decide to hire a feng shui professional.

My feng shui clients enjoy a fun and extremely informative time with me, as I want their experience to be enjoyable but productive. After my initial in home consultation, I make myself available (at no extra charge) for as many phone consults that are needed to achieve the best possible results from the work.

I am passionate about feng shui as you might have guessed. I have personally achieved such tremendous results from incorporating feng shui into my own life, that it spirited me on to go to school and learn how I could help others as well….

Even though feng shui is not a “magic bullet” that can cure all your problems, these are some of the benefits that “good feng shui” may produce.

1. You may notice a reduction in stress and your physical and emotional health often improves,

2. You may begin to achieve happier relationships with your loved ones. Marital relationships often improve, sometimes, dramatically.

3. I get calls all the time from clients reporting more prosperity and abundance after they have implemented feng shui into their homes and offices. Businesses will often prosper.

4. Most clients report a sense of calm and harmony in their everyday life!

So, I hope that I have answered some of the questions that you might have had, and maybe it has brought you to a better understanding of what feng shui is all about.

I’d love for you to give me a call and chat with me about your own personal needs and perhaps, how I can assist you. It would be my pleasure and there is no obligtion to go foward if you choose not to.

I invite you to visit my website, http://www.way2fengshui.com  to download your FREE Ebook,  “How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui.” It’s a fun and easy read!

Also, after you download my  Free Ebook, check out some of my testimonials from some happy clients!

OK, enough “tooting my horn!” Thanks so much for ‘listening!’




661 799-0607


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Feng Shui Money Trees


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What is a Feng Shui Money Tree?

A Feng Shui money tree represents all five elements, Water, Earth, Fire, Wood, and Metal, and thus tends to bring HARMONY into a space.

It is best placed in the area that represents WEALTH in your home and this area is generally found in the SE corner of your home. (You can also place it next to your cash register in your place of business).

Pachira is the correct name for this lovely, leafy plant. According to the principles of feng shui, this plant (or tree) is said to bring prosperity and abundance into your home if placed correctly.

Pachira is an indoor plant that doesn’t need a lot of care, which makes it super popular! A little sunlight and some water a few times a month is all it needs.

The tree can grow to a size of 7ft. tall and as broad as 3ft. wide. I have a gorgeous Money Tree in my home and it truly represents the abundance in my own life. It’s tall and stunning and makes my room look warm and inviting.

A beautiful Feng Shui Money Tree always makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift and is always appreciated.

I always go here to purchase the most beautiful and healthy money trees and lucky bamboo. I have never been disappointed as they arrive at my home looking gorgeous!

If you are also interested in perhaps attracting more prosperity, please download my FREE Ebook, How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui!

For more information and TIPS on how to have Good Feng Shui, please visit my website: http://www.way2fengshui.com

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Tom Antion Interviews Feng Shui expert, Elaine Giftos Wright


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Elaine Giftos Wright, a nationally known Feng Shui expert, teacher, speaker, and author is interviewed by Tom Antion. This fun and informative interview (now available on a CD) will answer many of your Feng Shui questions, such as:

1. What does Feng Shui actually mean?

2. Is Feng Shui considered a religion?

3. Are there different methods or schools of Feng Shui and how can you cut through the confusion!

4. What does CHI mean and how and why is it so important in bringing balance and harmony to your home and office space.

5. How using the secret techniques of Feng Shui can influence your life making it more possible to attract more prosperity and abundance.

6. Why the front door is so important to the health and well being of your family.

7. The all important BaGua!

8. How the shape of your home can influence your life for better or worse.

9. Why a swimming pool can potentially “drown” your reputation and business success!

Feng Shui has gained widespread popularity in the West and today, more and more people from all walks of life are experiencing the amazing and positive results from this beautiful and ancient practice! Get your CD today. Supplies are limited!


Reg. price $17.95

Order today! $12.95         http://www.way2fengshui.com/CDs

Contact Elaine at: egwright@way2fengshui.comhttp://www.way2fengshui.com

For more Feng Shui news, and to get your FREE Ebook “How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui!” Go to……


The Wright Way of Feng Shui


If you no longer wish to receive communication from us:

To update your contact information:http://autocontactor.com/o?c=1&r=f7e565fa03414914ae645e26cd79ac65


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The ocean is Good Feng Shui!


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Some say the ocean heals and it’s not just about the healing affects of salt water on your body. That’s a given. We also tend to feel healthier and certainly more “in harmony” with nature when we are at the beach.

We feel good when we are near the ocean because of all the wonderful negative ions that  are circulating around us. (We who live in California are used to the Santa Ana winds, or desert winds, which create positive ions). Many people feel out of sorts or downright awful when these winds blow. I am one of the them, so I head for the beach whenever possible!

In Feng Shui terms, the ocean is known to be a representation of prosperity.  Many people living near the ocean consider themselves lucky to have good feng shui simply by living on or very close to the ocean. Since the ocean creates positive chi (energy) they may be right.

However, I want to clarify that living near the ocean does not ALWAYS create good healthy chi or good feng shui!

If you live in Hawaii and the tide flowing toward your home is gentle and soothing…. That’s good chi!  Or Good Feng Shui!

By chance if you live close to the beach here in California, where the ocean is turbulent, sometimes angry and extremely forceful, this is creating the opposite of good feng shui. A term we call “shar chi” or poison chi. In this case, it’s better to live a bit further away from the actual beach.

If I’m working with a client in Malibu, who might be living on a hill overlooking the ocean, this is what I consider perfect! You have the benefit of the ocean but you’re not on top of it.

For this type home, I will often place a convex mirror on the outside wall of their home (facing the ocean) to attract the good chi of the ocean with out the negative affects of being too close to the turbulent surf.

In my next blog, I’m going to talk about swimming pools and how they can create good feng shui depending on where they are located on your property.

Many Blessings


Elaine Giftos Wright can be contacted at: egwright@way2fengshui.com

For great information and tips on feng shui, visit my website: http://www.way2fengshui.com

Get me FREE Ebook about Increasing Your Finances with Feng Shui simply by clicking here!

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