The use of Mirrors in Feng Shui


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The use of mirrors in feng shui is often referred to as “the aspirin of feng shui.”

The reason is that mirrors produce many benefits and can create a host of enhancements, protection, and adjustments to aid in the healthy flow of energy throughout your environment.

One of the main reasons I love mirrors is that they provide a wonderful opportunity to pull in the aspects of nature into your space. (I often suggest the placement of a certain type of convex mirror for my clients who live near the ocean).

By placing a mirror on the outside wall of their home, reflecting the ocean, the mirror is used to pull in either Wealth, Business or Relationship energy)!

Feng Shui mirrors may also be used to push back what would be considered negative energy. By placing (what is called a BaGua mirror) facing the negativity, the mirror will reflect the negative energy back to it’s source.

One instance of a negativity would be your front door facing a T intersection, or outside your bedroom window, a huge power line is close by!

One place a mirror should never live is at the foot of your bed. This is agreed on by all schools of Feng Shui!

That being said, our school of Feng Shui teaches us that a round or oblong mirror placed in the SW wall of your bedroom can enhance marital harmony!

If your entryway seems congested first; clear out the clutter, and then open up the space with a mirror properly positioned on the wall.

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Until next time.

Many Blessings, Elaine

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Hawaiian Feng Shui


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I count my blessings daily and one of my biggest blessings is the opportunity to spend one week a year with my family in Maui!

I look forward to this trip every year. I come back happier, rejuvenated and ready to do my best work after my return.

I am always aware of the wonderful Feng Shui in Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands are all about very healthy chi (energy). I don’t mean just the cool breezes, the beautiful terrain, the colors, the flower aromas or the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s the WATER!

Water and good feng shui go hand in hand and of course the islands are surrounded by water. It’s the kind of water I’m talking about and Hawaii has some of the best!

Unless you’re looking for surfing beaches where the waves are suitably high for the sport, most of the Hawaiian  beaches have what we call a “soft surf.” This means that the waves don’t crash onto the beaches but rather flow gently onto the sand. This creates a gentle flow of positive healthy chi and anyone lucky enough to be near it becomes invigorated.

I believe that this is one of the main reasons people feel their healthiest  while vacationing in Hawaii. The incredible chi of these beautiful waters is what I miss most. I always encourage people headed for Hawaii to get in the ocean and not spend their days baking by the pool.

You’ll really feel the difference!




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The ocean is Good Feng Shui!


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Some say the ocean heals and it’s not just about the healing affects of salt water on your body. That’s a given. We also tend to feel healthier and certainly more “in harmony” with nature when we are at the beach.

We feel good when we are near the ocean because of all the wonderful negative ions that  are circulating around us. (We who live in California are used to the Santa Ana winds, or desert winds, which create positive ions). Many people feel out of sorts or downright awful when these winds blow. I am one of the them, so I head for the beach whenever possible!

In Feng Shui terms, the ocean is known to be a representation of prosperity.  Many people living near the ocean consider themselves lucky to have good feng shui simply by living on or very close to the ocean. Since the ocean creates positive chi (energy) they may be right.

However, I want to clarify that living near the ocean does not ALWAYS create good healthy chi or good feng shui!

If you live in Hawaii and the tide flowing toward your home is gentle and soothing…. That’s good chi!  Or Good Feng Shui!

By chance if you live close to the beach here in California, where the ocean is turbulent, sometimes angry and extremely forceful, this is creating the opposite of good feng shui. A term we call “shar chi” or poison chi. In this case, it’s better to live a bit further away from the actual beach.

If I’m working with a client in Malibu, who might be living on a hill overlooking the ocean, this is what I consider perfect! You have the benefit of the ocean but you’re not on top of it.

For this type home, I will often place a convex mirror on the outside wall of their home (facing the ocean) to attract the good chi of the ocean with out the negative affects of being too close to the turbulent surf.

In my next blog, I’m going to talk about swimming pools and how they can create good feng shui depending on where they are located on your property.

Many Blessings


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