Feng Shui for the Housewives of Orange County!


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ONE of my most favorite assignments is to work with The Housewives of Orange County!

As four to five cameras follow us, I happily work on the feng shui of their homes and offices. It’s always fun to see how the producers of the show put it all together before it goes on the air a few months later.

Most recently, I was in Orange County working with my friend Shannon Beador. She had just moved into a new home and she needed to be assured that her beautiful new home was in good shape, Feng Shui wise.

I simply adore Shannon! We have many years of history going back to when her twins were babies. I liked her on contact. She is such a good soul. This is what she said about my very first time working with her. .

“When my twins were born, my husband and I had to move our 3 year old daughter into a new room. She screamed all night every night. We consulted doctor after doctor and finally Elaine was recommended to us. I was willing to give Feng Shui a try but my husband was skeptical. I called Elaine anyway and when she came to our home, and she saw my daughter’s room, she made some simple adjustments to the furniture and implemented what she called remedies. From that night on, my daughter slept soundly! I also followed her other suggestions and many wonderful things happened for our family. A year after meeting Elaine, my husband built his own office building. He quietly asked for Elaine to come and help him with any Feng Shui issues. She is such a wonderful person with a tremendous heart and we owe her so much!”

Shannon Beador
Newport Beach, CA

Shannon had just moved into her new home when I arrived, and even before I exited my car the cameras were filming my arrival! I had my window open to breathe some fresh air and just before I stopped my car, a quick look in my rear view mirror had my hair standing on end! OK, only time for a quick pat down and a hope for the best! No time for a bathroom break. Full steam ahead.

I also had fun with Vicki Gunvalson when I worked with her on the feng shui of her office. She had me in stitches with her sense of humor! The cameras were rolling. I had to get a grip and not lose my cool. Shannon was with us as the cameras followed all of us from room to room. All in all, it was a good day!

My episode with Shannon will be on the Bravo network in the next few weeks. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know the air date!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. As a token of my gratitude, I would like to offer you my FREE E-book,

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Clutter and Your Relationships!.


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Not too long ago, I had a consultation with a client who called me in to help her with a relationship she had with her boyfriend. They both felt “stuck” and were fighting all the time. When I got to the front door and rang the bell, I heard my client yell out, “Oh, just a minute…I want to clear the doorway.” I had a bad feeling!
As I entered the home, or rather “climbed” into the home over boxes, laundry and kitty litter, I could only wonder at what she had cleared out. My initial response was to tell her immediately that I could not work with her feng shui because of her enormous amount of clutter, particularly in her entry way. Feng Shui is about creating good energy in your space to help you achieve a healthier more prosperous life. In order to do that, the energy or “chi” has to be able to move freely throughout your home (or business spaces). The good energy should enter your spaces without having to plow through clutter. It will have no place to go but stagnate right where it is!
She had read that feng shui was able to help create a wonderful peaceful and communicative bedroom, especially with sparing partners. She begged me to look at her bedroom. She requested that I give her immediate “remedies” to help cure her relationship. I tried not to faint when I entered her bedroom.. She had clutter in every area of the room that went up the walls to her ceilings!
After explaining to her that there was no way I could possibly help her until she had a dramatic clutter clearing event, I put my arms around her and assured her that I would help her. I put her in contact with a wonderful professional organizer. She made the appointment and they both worked on transforming her home. My client then called me back. It was now time for Feng Shui!  I didn’t recognize her home!  It was simply remarkable! I looked at her and she was beaming. She looked healthier, rosy cheeks and she had lost weight. She and her boyfriend were starting to get along better, but it was now time to do her feng shui. I gave her some remedies to help with what had already started and the result was, I was just invited to their wedding in October!. They are happier than they have ever been, and I am so happy for them. .

Bottom line, clutter can keep you stagnant and stuck in so MANY areas of your life. Clear the clutter and feel what a difference it makes. You will feel joyous!

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Feng Shui Tips For Your Home Office.


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I am very particular about the feng shui of my home office because I know how important it is for the success in my business.

Good feng shui starts with an uncluttered work space. When your work space is uncluttered, and you have sufficient room to move, you will find that you will be able to think more clearly and be much more productive.

When placing your desk in the room, it’s best to occupy one of the farthest corners of the room. In this way, you have will have what is called the “commanding position”of the room. This is where the CEO of a major company would sit. Even though you may not be a CEO, you are still the head of your own business. Being in command of your own business is essential for success!.


When I have worked with small business owners who mainly work out of their home offices, it’s amazing how their businesses improved simply by moving their desks to a better position. It’s quite remarkable that a simple change can do so much good!

It’s all about the proper energy of the room!

Even if you have a main office outside of the home, it’s still important to have good feng shui in your home office as well, if you wish to optimize your business success!!

Never sit with your back to the door!!

 This is particularly important!

If your back faces the door. you become a symbolic ‘victim’ in your business, which could make it easier for others to take advantage of you.

If you can’t move your desk position, you can place a mirror on the wall above your desk, or in a small frame on your desk to reflect the door.

In the following weeks, I will be giving you additional tips on how to attract more business success, so stay tuned!

Many Blessings,


Do you have feng shui questions? I’ll be more than happy to chat with you about some of the incredible benefits feng shui has to offer!

Contact me at: egwright@way2fengshui,com

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Good lighting, Good Feng Shui!


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                                     LET THERE BE LIGHT!!

There are so many ways to light your life and so much to choose from. Lighting can be functional, decorative, ambient or used as an accent.

However you choose to light your home, you might also want to take advantage of using certain feng shui principles in lighting to add a special energy or good chi to your home or workspace.

Here are some tips on how to invite good energy into your home.

  1. We love chandeliers! Chandeliers are such a wonderful way to energize a room. If you are looking for Romance, hanging a chandelier in the Southwest corner of any room (especially your bedroom) is a wonderful way to attract a new partner or to help in bringing in new energy to an existing relationship.
  2. Invite excellent energy into your home by installing bright lights just inside and outside your front door.
  3. A light with a soft glow placed in the Southeast corner of your home can light your way to more abundance in your life.
  4. Crystals reflect light and create energy, and move the flow of chi throughout a space.
  5. Wearing certain combinations of crystals can calm the mind and strengthen your personal energy field. For centuries, crystals have been used for their healing abilities. Hanging certain colors of crystals can bring healing energy to your home, just as wearing them as bracelets or other forms of jewelry can help heal your body!
  6. http://www.way2fengshui.com/Crystals.html

If you’d like to invite more prosperity, better health, happier relationships, and more well-being into your life, invest in a variety of beautiful soft and decorative lighting!

You just might be surprised at the positive changes in your life!

Many Blessings,


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Why Feng Shui??


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The essential reason for having feng shui done on your home and/or office space is so the energy or (chi) that flows throughout those spaces  can be more conducive to your health, development and success in life.

By optimizing and tuning the flow of energy within these spaces with feng shui,  you will directly benefit by feeling an enhanced energy in your every day life. You might notice your health improves. Your business may become more successful and perhaps, finances will improve as well. Relationships also may become happier and you will notice more harmony within your home and workspace.

Feng Shui Tip:

Keep Your stove clean!!

Did you know that your stove links to your money situation? That’s right!!

Keeping your stove clean cultivates positive Wealth Energy.  A stove that  has oil and/or food droppings can literally stagnate your flow of wealth and make it harder for you to hold onto money! So mop up those spills, my friends, and visualize money coming to you and not flowing out of your hands too quickly!

Yours in Good Feng Shui!


Elaine Giftos Wright


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CLUTTER! Help Is On The Way!


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FENG SHUI De cluttering.

The holidays are coming and as you look around your home, you begin to see how much your clutter seems to be accumulating around your home and office space. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a clean clutter free home when Mom arrives?

If you’re like me, you’ll notice that clutter just seems to appear out of nowhere! (Where on earth did all this paper come from, is often my cry)!!

It can be overwhelming. As a feng shui consultant, I know how much clutter can impact a life negatively.

I know, it’s always an on going  job to stay “clutter free” but there is help on the way, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money hiring a professional to help you do the job!

I’m always in favor of saving my clients money so I’d like to direct you to a wonderful website.


I love the organizers who put together this self help website, because, I hear every day from my clients how hard it is for them to get ahead of their accumulating clutter. Now You Can De-Clutter By Going Online!

De-cluttering is essential for good feng shui and a happier more balanced life.

You won’t believe how your life can change for the better when you De-clutter your life!

So check out this site! It’s a wonderful and inexpensive way to get yourself started to end clutter  and attract more  prosperity and abundance.

Just go on over to:http://www.organizeyourselfonline.com/?c=org-pj-543-d&source=pjn&subid=45169

Wishing you Good Feng Shui!



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How Does Feng Shui Work?


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Many people ask me how does Feng Shui work?

It’s a logical question, especially since there seems to be so much mystery associated with the process.

The logic is actually quite simple. Chi or energy is a life force that flows throughout our bodies and around our homes and workplaces. What good feng shui does is balance and harmonize this life force energy so we become healthier in mind, body and spirit and we are more apt to realize our full potential in life!

Chi is a powerful force that flows through all living things. When your own personal chi is at it’s highest, you will feel strong and vital. Excercise, meditation, and being  with supportive family and friends will all contribute to stronger personal chi.

The chi of your home, for instance, can either work for you or against you. Every moment of every day your home environment is either supporting you or draining you of that all important life energy.

If you are being drained by your space, you might notice that your health may not be optimal. Your relationships may be suffering, and your ability to make and hold on to money maybe compromised in some way.

Your home is your “second body” and what goes on in your home directly impacts your life in general. either positively or negatively. Even though you might not be aware that this is happening, the inner truth of feng shui is that if you enhance your home’s chi, it will have a direct and immediate impact on your life. Therefore, having good feng shui and enhancing this powerful energy will create a wonderful pathway to maximizing your destiny!

Good Feng Shui is available to anyone who desires a more balanced and harmonious life!



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Feng Shui and Your Feline!


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Good Feng Shui is about bringing healing energy or (Chi) into our homes and work spaces.

Good Chi makes our lives healthier, happier and more successful. Chi swirls around outdoors and we, who are Feng Shui Consultants, work with clients to make simple adjustments so the Chi will enter your space and then circulate within the home.

Now, this is FUN!

One of the things good Chi encounters is your Cat, and the good news is that she/he is constantly bringing about a positive influence when she connects with that all powerful energy!

Your sweet Kittie is likely to be most often on the move, and constantly stirring up Chi whenever he/she goes about the house. This is GOOD!

The love and affection that he/she generates from you and your family is a blessing! Your “baby” willingly will give all of that back in return.  The result is a wonderful source of healthy energy circulating around your home!

I often find my cat, Henry hovering near my front door. It’s as if he is monitoring the energy flow near my entryway. (And this is when I am IN the house)!

Not only do I love him dearly, I also know he is contributing to my health and well-being on so many levels!

So, to all of you who I consider lucky enough to share your home with a feline companion, I wish you all A Very Good Feng Shui day!

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Feng Shui Fountains and Career Energy!


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Feng Shui translated means wind and water.

Flowing water is often associated with good feng shui, especially if it is located in the Career area of your home.

Your front door or the North sector (the Career area) is an ideal place to put a water fountain or a small aquarium.

If you place a fountain near your front door make sure that the water flows TOWARD your front door and not away from the house.

You want the flowing water to produce good Career energy, and if the flow leads away from the house, you defeat the purpose!

Some people have a birdbath or a fountain that doesn’t work properly near their front door. This creates stagnant energy, so it’s not a good idea.

A birdbath is standing water and unless you are obsessive about keeping it clean, it will become filled with stagnant water. A fountain that is not working well should be repaired or removed, so it will not produce a negative affect.

If you can’t have a water feature near your front door, don’t despair! You may use photos or art work representing water falls or flowing streams to add energy to your Career.

You may also use a ‘color cure’ as well. Water is represented by the colors of blue and black. Adding these colors either outside or inside your front door will also help to maximize your efforts to attract good Career Chi!

Yours in Good Feng Shui

Elaine Giftos Wright (Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Teacher and Author

Contact: egwright@way2fengshui.com

GET YOUR FREE FENG SHUI EBOOKhttp://way2fengshui.com

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Tom Antion Interviews Feng Shui expert, Elaine Giftos Wright


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Elaine Giftos Wright, a nationally known Feng Shui expert, teacher, speaker, and author is interviewed by Tom Antion. This fun and informative interview (now available on a CD) will answer many of your Feng Shui questions, such as:

1. What does Feng Shui actually mean?

2. Is Feng Shui considered a religion?

3. Are there different methods or schools of Feng Shui and how can you cut through the confusion!

4. What does CHI mean and how and why is it so important in bringing balance and harmony to your home and office space.

5. How using the secret techniques of Feng Shui can influence your life making it more possible to attract more prosperity and abundance.

6. Why the front door is so important to the health and well being of your family.

7. The all important BaGua!

8. How the shape of your home can influence your life for better or worse.

9. Why a swimming pool can potentially “drown” your reputation and business success!

Feng Shui has gained widespread popularity in the West and today, more and more people from all walks of life are experiencing the amazing and positive results from this beautiful and ancient practice! Get your CD today. Supplies are limited!


Reg. price $17.95

Order today! $12.95         http://www.way2fengshui.com/CDs

Contact Elaine at: egwright@way2fengshui.comhttp://www.way2fengshui.com

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The Wright Way of Feng Shui


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