Is your bedroom over your garage?


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Greetings all!

Is your bedroom over your garage!! (Help is on the way)!

When I am consulting with clients, I have already read their floor plans so I have an opportunity to see many issues on paper before I visit their homes.

One issue in particular that concerns me, is a bedroom over a garage. If any member of your family is sleeping over your garage it could have a negative affect on health and well-being.

If you have a garage under your bedroom or under your child’s bedroom, we need to talk!

A garage is considered in Feng Shui a “negative energy space.” Meaning that a garage is an unstable place. Sound troublesome? Let me explain.

There are a few issues that you should be aware of when you sleep above a garage. The garage is normally a place where cars are parked OR (mostly) clutter has gained control over the whole space! Sound familiar?

Since clutter stops the healing flow of (chi) or energy, you are literally sleeping over stagnation! Not too swell! If your health is fragile or you are not sleeping well, this could make it worse..

Children maybe even more affected! .

When cars are going in and out, the energy in the garage has a hard time stabilizing, creating a space that is weak and changeable. On top of that, parked cars also create a huge magnetic energy field, and that issue has been associated with lethargy, headaches, sleep disorders and certain illnesses. Sleeping over that would make me a tad nervous!

Now, what to do??

Here are two of the major “remedies” we use for correcting the negative aspects of this issue.

  1. Hang a large brass wind chime in the center ceiling of the garage. (This will help move energy upward and begin to dissipate some of the stagnation).
  2. In the above bedroom, to help stabilize the entire space, place four heavy weights, either 4 rocks, 4 heavy vases, or 4 quartz crystals in all four corners of the room. (This will also work to “ground” the occupant above).

Let me know if you sleep better and have more energy! Also, you may see your child do better in school!!

Many Blessings to you!


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Why is the front door so important in Feng Shui?


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So many of my clients tell me that they never use their front door to enter and leave their homes. Coming in the side door or through the garage seems to be so much easier. 

The front door is considered “the mouth of chi” in feng shui terms. In other words, this is where that all important energy will enter your home. And along with that energy comes opportunities!

If you consistently enter from any door other than the front door, you may run the risk of loosing career opportunities.

If you consider yourself an important person in your business, never enter from a back door. This will lessen your importance. Entering from your front doors in both home and office will double your career opportunities.

It’s much easier for me to enter my home through my garage, but I know enough to know that that’s not best for my career and business success. I make a little detour around to my front door and enter correctly. NOTE: I don’t even notice it anymore. It now…. just IS!

Yours in Good Feng Shui!


Elaine Giftos Wright, certified Feng Shui Consultant


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