How Feng Shui Can Travel With You!


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I get asked all the time if Feng Shui can help while traveling? I say “Yes, you can take it with you!”
Let’s say you are traveling and will be staying in a hotel. Or perhaps during the holidays you might be bunking with a family member or even traveling on a cruise ship. The following tips can help no matter how you choose to travel. Traveling can also be stressful so taking your feng shui on the road can help!

I always travel with a small bag of what I call “remedies” and if I happen to leave town without them, I definitely feel the difference!

Let’s say you have just arrived at your hotel and you’re given your room key. Ask if you can see the room first. (All hotels should allow this if you ask).  See if you can have a room where the door to your room does not open across the side or the foot of the bed. These issues may create a negative flow of energy across your bed that might interfere with sleep or cause tiredness in the morning. (You might not be able to do this on your cruise ship or your Mom’s guest room, but try and do your best)!

OK, in a perfect world! Your hotel. See if the bed is in the ‘commanding position’ which is the farthest from the doorway allowing you to have have a good view of the doorway without having to turn your head. I’m sure that most hotels will have this but it’s important to have a headboard. You may find that you will feel more grounded and more in control during your waking hours which can help with stress….

The next thing to check out is that your room is not near or adjacent to stairwells, elevators, ice makers, etc. Ask to move if this is what you find, because the noise interference can potentially lower your personal (chi) energy, not to mention  interrupting your sleep patterns. Do the best you can.  You’ll will not always have a choice but if you do, go for it!

If the foot of your bed faces a mirror, do cover it at night or put a plant in front of it. The issue is not to be able to see yourself in the mirror when lying in bed. (This might cause nightmares in children or disrupt sleep in adults).

So now, you have found your perfect or close to perfect room.

The next step is to keep it as clean as possible! Yes, you will have housekeeping in a hotel (don’t ask your Mom) but it’s amazing how much clutter you can amass in just an hour or so!  Please, no throwing clothes, packages, suitcases, etc. on chairs, tabletops or heaven forbid.. the floor!  Immediately on arriving, put your belongings away. Hang your clothes up in your closet and use all the drawers for putting away all your additional “stuff.” If there is room, hide your suitcases in the closet. A clean non-cluttered room will allow the energy to flow and you will sleep and  feel better on awakening. This suggestion is for wherever you are. Be it hotel, family guest room, cruise ship stateroom, or your Bed and Breakfast Inn!

Now you are ready to put some personal belongings you have brought from home around the room. Place photos of your children, spouses, children, pets, even friends.. … The photos will bring you closer to home with a feeling of warmth and happiness. I never travel anywhere without photos of my family and my beloved felines. They are all in lovely frames that I place near my bed and across the room where I can see them on arising.

I also bring my two favorite crystals to place in the SW corner of my hotel room or even my family guest room. (The SW far right corner from the door is the Relationship area). I visualize a very happy experience while I’m away from home…. Good communications, happy family and/or business gatherings and safe travel. I also bring my essential oils (especially lavender for calming) and my diffuzer for a sense of tranquility. I also try to place a small bowl or glass of water for the “shui” of feng shui near the door to my room. This helps in attracting good healthy chi into your space.

I must say when I implement my travel “remedies” my travel experiences are always close to perfection!

Happy Travels to one and all!






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Is your bedroom over your garage?


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Greetings all!

Is your bedroom over your garage!! (Help is on the way)!

When I am consulting with clients, I have already read their floor plans so I have an opportunity to see many issues on paper before I visit their homes.

One issue in particular that concerns me, is a bedroom over a garage. If any member of your family is sleeping over your garage it could have a negative affect on health and well-being.

If you have a garage under your bedroom or under your child’s bedroom, we need to talk!

A garage is considered in Feng Shui a “negative energy space.” Meaning that a garage is an unstable place. Sound troublesome? Let me explain.

There are a few issues that you should be aware of when you sleep above a garage. The garage is normally a place where cars are parked OR (mostly) clutter has gained control over the whole space! Sound familiar?

Since clutter stops the healing flow of (chi) or energy, you are literally sleeping over stagnation! Not too swell! If your health is fragile or you are not sleeping well, this could make it worse..

Children maybe even more affected! .

When cars are going in and out, the energy in the garage has a hard time stabilizing, creating a space that is weak and changeable. On top of that, parked cars also create a huge magnetic energy field, and that issue has been associated with lethargy, headaches, sleep disorders and certain illnesses. Sleeping over that would make me a tad nervous!

Now, what to do??

Here are two of the major “remedies” we use for correcting the negative aspects of this issue.

  1. Hang a large brass wind chime in the center ceiling of the garage. (This will help move energy upward and begin to dissipate some of the stagnation).
  2. In the above bedroom, to help stabilize the entire space, place four heavy weights, either 4 rocks, 4 heavy vases, or 4 quartz crystals in all four corners of the room. (This will also work to “ground” the occupant above).

Let me know if you sleep better and have more energy! Also, you may see your child do better in school!!

Many Blessings to you!


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Butterflies and Hummingbirds add Good Feng Shui!


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Hummingbirds and Butterflies are Good Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is all about bringing  energy, harmony and balance into our every day lives. If you want to create some good feng shui energy in your garden, Attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds!!

I have a hummingbird feeder in my back garden and sometimes, I am mesmerized watching these beautiful small birds fluttering about, creating all that wonderful chi! They also land on some of my plants and flowers I purposely planted for the very same reason……..

(Bringing good energy and good Feng Shui into my garden)!

Attracting good chi into your garden is really quite easy. Here are some plant and flower choices you can use!

Plants and Flowers that attract HUMMINGBIRDS

Lilacs; Lavenders; Salvias; Delphiniums; Aloe; Coral Bells; Bottlebrush; Ceanothus; Hibiscus; and Honeysuckle.

Plants and Flowers that attract BUTTERFLIES

Sunflowers; Snapdragon; Wisteria; Hibiscus; Lobelia; Asters; Sweet Alyssum; Shasta Daisies; Nasturtium; Hollyhocks and Heliotrope.

These flowers and plants will not only add beauty to your garden, but if you add them, you will be creating good feng shui for you and our family!

Yours in Good Feng Shui!



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How Does Feng Shui Work?


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Many people ask me how does Feng Shui work?

It’s a logical question, especially since there seems to be so much mystery associated with the process.

The logic is actually quite simple. Chi or energy is a life force that flows throughout our bodies and around our homes and workplaces. What good feng shui does is balance and harmonize this life force energy so we become healthier in mind, body and spirit and we are more apt to realize our full potential in life!

Chi is a powerful force that flows through all living things. When your own personal chi is at it’s highest, you will feel strong and vital. Excercise, meditation, and being  with supportive family and friends will all contribute to stronger personal chi.

The chi of your home, for instance, can either work for you or against you. Every moment of every day your home environment is either supporting you or draining you of that all important life energy.

If you are being drained by your space, you might notice that your health may not be optimal. Your relationships may be suffering, and your ability to make and hold on to money maybe compromised in some way.

Your home is your “second body” and what goes on in your home directly impacts your life in general. either positively or negatively. Even though you might not be aware that this is happening, the inner truth of feng shui is that if you enhance your home’s chi, it will have a direct and immediate impact on your life. Therefore, having good feng shui and enhancing this powerful energy will create a wonderful pathway to maximizing your destiny!

Good Feng Shui is available to anyone who desires a more balanced and harmonious life!



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Feng Shui and Your Feline!


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Good Feng Shui is about bringing healing energy or (Chi) into our homes and work spaces.

Good Chi makes our lives healthier, happier and more successful. Chi swirls around outdoors and we, who are Feng Shui Consultants, work with clients to make simple adjustments so the Chi will enter your space and then circulate within the home.

Now, this is FUN!

One of the things good Chi encounters is your Cat, and the good news is that she/he is constantly bringing about a positive influence when she connects with that all powerful energy!

Your sweet Kittie is likely to be most often on the move, and constantly stirring up Chi whenever he/she goes about the house. This is GOOD!

The love and affection that he/she generates from you and your family is a blessing! Your “baby” willingly will give all of that back in return.  The result is a wonderful source of healthy energy circulating around your home!

I often find my cat, Henry hovering near my front door. It’s as if he is monitoring the energy flow near my entryway. (And this is when I am IN the house)!

Not only do I love him dearly, I also know he is contributing to my health and well-being on so many levels!

So, to all of you who I consider lucky enough to share your home with a feline companion, I wish you all A Very Good Feng Shui day!

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Feng Shui for Happier Vacations!


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Summer is just around the corner, the kids are out of school and vacation plans are happening!

I was doing a lecture on feng Shui not too long ago and mentioned that you can take your feng shui on the road with you! I can’t tell you how many hands went up and the questions started!

“How is that possibe?’ Feng Shui is only for homes and offices said one person. How can you travel with it?

Well I’d like to give you a few tips on how you can keep good feng shui with you, even when you travel.

Good Feng Shui is about creating an atmosphere of balance and harmony within your living  and working spaces. While you and your family are away from home, you can also create a sense of tranquility and peace as well, with just a few simple “remedies.”

For instance. If you are staying in a hotel, try to book a room that’s not near or above stairwells, vending machines, or even above the entrance of the hotel itself.. Not only are these areas noisy, but the ‘shar chi’ (or negative energy) emanating from these areas may upset the emotional balance of you and your family.

With all the movement and stress of getting the family ready and moving toward your destination you will want to stay grounded. Packing a smooth stone or a rounded crystal in your luggage will keep you connected to the earth energy, and allow your own stress  to literally drain off and move away from you.

I know you won’t want to be an interior decorator and begin to move things around when you enter your hotel room, but there are a few things that take little time and will help create a healthier stay.

If there is a mirror at the foot of your bed, you should cover it when you go to sleep. If you can see your reflection on your TV screen,  it would be wise to cover this at night as well. This will help you sleep better. Often our sleep patterns are not as refreshing as when we are in our own beds so this will be of help.

To keep the sense of security of your home while you are away, bring photos of your loved ones and place them next to your bed.

I also bring one of my own pillows to give me that sense of my own bedroom while I am away.

Hotel rooms often have a musty and stagnant smell to them. I really hate this the most when I travel. It usually makes me feel sluggish and out of sorts. If I can’t throw open the windows for some fresh air, I have my own little emergency pack of scents that always go with me.

Since lighting scented candles may be an “issue” with the room fire alarms, I bring scented oils and rub a little on each light bulb. It’s safe and the scents are glorious. Potpourri is also in my bag, and I put a few small bowls of it around the room. Immediately, I cheer up!

While out and about and you pass a flower stand, buy some fresh posies for your room! Nothing will cheer you more than fresh flowers and wonderful aromas!

Yours in Good Feng Shui!


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A Remarkable Feng Shui Experience!


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I love my job!

I also love to hear from people who have experienced a major positive shift in their lives after working on the Feng Shui of their homes and work spaces.

Case in point.

About 3 months ago I got a call from a very stressed Mom who asked for help. She relayed a litany of enormous problems that were affecting her  family and asked if I could do anything about it?

After explaining that feng shui is not a ‘magic bullet’  for all that ails you, and that I don’t perform magic, she agreed to send me a floor plan of her home with additional information on what was going on in her life. 

I explained one truth. Although feng shui can’t solve all your problems, a home with good feng shui is a home in balance and harmony and the occupants tend to live healthier more prosperous lives. She was excited!

I completed her charts and studied her floor plan. I clearly saw why so many unfortunate circumstances were being intensified by the unbalanced energy in her home. 

Your home represents what we call “your second body.”  It’s hard for people to understand that the shape and design of their homes may be affecting, in some way, what goes on OUTSIDE their homes!

For instance. The center of your home represents the heart of the home, much like the center of your body represents your heart area. The energy in the center should be very positive and healthy to allow for the physical, mental and emotional health of the family to flourish.

Our Mom had two out of three no-no’s. She had a staircase and a bathroom right in her home center. (The third is a stove)! A bathroom literally drains away health and a staircase acts like a corkscrew with energy constantly being directed downward. Not only is health affected, but these issues also may make it harder for occupants to hold on to money…as it’s constantly falling and draining away.

She reported that her children were sleeping above a garage (considered a negative energy space). Not good to have a bedroom or an office above a garage. The children were not doing well in school. Both children had constant respiratory problems and were fighting with each other.

After looking at her floor plan, I saw an indentation  (or a missing area) in the South west corner of her home. This is the area of her home that nourishes relationships, marital and otherwise. She was in a panic because she and her husband were talking divorce. He also had been out of a job for over a year.

Both husband and wife had physical and emotional health issues that were exhausting them. She also had a very difficult time concentrating on a project she wanted to do to start a home based business.

Money was beyond tight, health was not good, relationships within the whole family were difficult and no one seemed to care!

This was a very unhappy, unfullfilled lady!

I made an appointment to visit her home and on site, I found a pool directly in the center of their back yard.  (This is an area where the element of FIRE should be dominant), so all this water was making it more difficult for anyone in the home to be successful in business. (Much of her husband’s problem).

Also a lot of water in this area could possibly invite some sort of litigation which she revealed had gone on just recently!

Whew! A challenge for sure, but I set to work!

Without a lot of costly changes or adjustments, I guided her to making some simple changes to get the energy flowing properly. I worked with her on the center of her home, and adjusted certain elements in their bedrooms as well.

I also had them make a few simple changes to their backyard pool area.

I just got a call from her and her husband a few days ago and they were over the moon! Her husband started out with, “Elaine, I have NO IDEA what this feng shui thing is all about, but WOW! Have things changed for the better!”

They had glasses of wine in their hands and were celebrating an absolutely fabulous job that he had just gotten. Both of them were sleeping better, having more fun and divorce discussions were off the table!

They just made plans to pay off their credit cards and maybe even plan a trip to Hawaii in the Fall.

The children, after adjusting their bedrooms, were doing better in school (I got an A one of them said)! They were also getting along better and their health improved dramatically!

Husband and wife reported feeling more romantic and Mom has successfully completed a project to launch her home business!


I’m so delighted to share this story because it reinforces my commitment to assist people in any way I can….. to a better and more fulfilling life. That is my commitment!

Yours in Good Feng Shui!



The Wright Way Of Feng Shui


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Love is the Best Feng Shui


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I often tell my clients that if they have Love in their lives, they are already on their way to good feng shui!

Feelings of love raise your internal (chi) or energy. Feelings of anger and resentment lower your chi and your energy will plummet.

The love you feel does not necessarily have to be directed at another human being. We may love our family and our friends, but there is another love that is just as intense and that’s the love for a pet.

Some people will report that the love that they have for their favorite pet equals and sometimes surpasses the love of a family member! When a pet passes from your life, the grief can be as overwhelming as losing your beloved spouse.

I am blessed with a lot of  love in my life. I seem to live my life… in love with life, but I must say that when I get home from a particularly stressful day and I see the upturned faces and unconditional love of my beloved animal “babies” my heart is lightened and my energy soars!

(BTW, that’s my sweet Henry pictured. Can you believe those eyes)?

Love can also be sitting in your garden and feeling the love of nature. My garden is a haven for me. The colors, the scents, the birds all remind me that God is so present and I fall in love all over again.

When you open your heart to love, the possibilities are endless. Your heart expands, your energy is enhanced and your health improves.

I send love to all of you.

Yours in Good Feng Shui!


Elaine Giftos Wright is a Feng Shui Consultant practicing in So. California

Contact her at:

Visit her website here, to learn more about how feng shui can add many rewards to your life. Also, sign up for her FREE Ebook “How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui”

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Feng Shui and Landscaping Design


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By Julie Molinaire
The Grass Is Always Greener Landscape Designs
I have been interested in Feng Shui for quite a while now. Several years ago I went out and purchased a couple of books about Feng Shui, however they seemed like a bunch of gobble-de-gook written in a manner  that was very user un-friendly.  I also read things online and realized that it was very complicated and not something I could just pick up reading a little. 
Fast-forward a few years; I was introduced to a fabulous woman (and now great friend and colleague) Elaine Giftos Wright at a local Professional Woman’s Organization – The Association of Women Entrepreneurs.  Elaine is the Feng Shui Master who is helping me whip my home into shape (it is a process that I am working on all the time)  and she is a wonderful teacher.  After two classes with Elaine, countless hours asking questions, listening to her, and just hanging out with her I can safely say I know just enough about Feng Shui to be dangerous!  Seriously though I use Feng Shui when designing my landscape plans and if I am ever in doubt Elaine, a member of my Harmonious Home Team, is just an email or call away! 
Feng Shui actually means wind and water and it is an ancient Chinese philosophy that balances your surroundings to create harmony, and abundance in your life.  Elaine and I have collaborated on her landscape, and on the homes of clients.  Working with Elaine has really brought about some extraordinary changes in my life and the life of my family and I know that it has added a lot to my client’s lives as well.  Here is a link to an article that Elaine wrote about Feng Shui in the Garden.  Since she is the expert I thought I’d let her do the talking!
The other members of The Harmonious Home Team are, Tami Smight – Interior Designer and Kim Rocke – Professional Organizer.  Visit their websites and stay tuned here… I’ll be talking more about them as the months go by.  Working with any combination of our Harmonious Home team will be an experience that you will not only thoroughly enjoy but  an experience that will help you bring more to your life and add to the enjoyment of your home from the curb to the backyard! 
Harmonious Home Team – Place It, Beautify It, Harmonize It


The Grass Is Always Greener Landscape Designs
Join me!
My blog is now linked to my website, take a look!
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Feng Shui and Your Health


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It’s important to know that the feng shui of your home can directly affect your health.

Our bodies need a harmonious flow of energy to facilitate the nourishment of our cells, cell rejuvenation and to support smooth metabolism.

Your environment may have hidden messages that you’re not aware of that may be affecting the health and well-being of you and your family.

Any energy imbalance can be a trigger for a physical, emotional or mental health issue. I’m not saying that the imbalance will cause the disease (certainly not)  but it may lower your ability to fend off a physical or emotional issue.

Just as an acupuncturist can  heal  by placing small needles at meridian points on the body,  practicing feng shui can help heal the imbalances in your environment.

The proper energy (chi) or feng shui of your space is a delicate matter, and it’s important to understand and locate the areas in your environment that may be stagnant, already blocked or basically oppressive. These areas could block healing energy needed for healing and recovery.

Now, detecting these imbalances can be very subtle. (A trained feng shui practitioner can diagnose and immediately find the problem). You however, may feel that you are not as comfortable as you should be in your own home. You may not look forward to coming home. There may be certain rooms that feel different to you and not as warm and inviting as others.

There may be an influx of illnesses in the family. 

Simple adjustments as adding a plant or a light in a certain area, or moving your bed or desk to another position or even changing the color scheme of a room can produce positive results.  

Now I want to take this opportunity to inform you that feng shui does not “cure’ a disease or disorder. No one can claim that! It’s certainly not a magic bullet for all that ails you! Getting sick has most to do with how strong (or weak) our immune systems are and how we fight off infection and disease. , 

I do know however, from good experience that a home that has good Feng Shui (meaning a healthy flow of energy or chi) will generally have healthier more productive occupants. When harmony and balance is restored, it is natural for you and your family to attract better health, happier relationships and more prosperity!. 

I wish for you great Health and Happiness in the New Year!

NOTE: If you’d like some good information on how to balance your home with Feng Shui,  I have written a very easy to read Ebook that you may download today!  It’s loaded with great tips for you to start using feng shui today!  CLICK HERE  for your book!

 Feng Shui For Life, Love and The Pursuit of Happiness



Elaine Giftos Wright is a certified Feng Shui consultant, teacher, speaker and author practicing in the Los Angeles, CA area.



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