How Feng Shui Can Travel With You!


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I get asked all the time if Feng Shui can help while traveling? I say “Yes, you can take it with you!”
Let’s say you are traveling and will be staying in a hotel. Or perhaps during the holidays you might be bunking with a family member or even traveling on a cruise ship. The following tips can help no matter how you choose to travel. Traveling can also be stressful so taking your feng shui on the road can help!

I always travel with a small bag of what I call “remedies” and if I happen to leave town without them, I definitely feel the difference!

Let’s say you have just arrived at your hotel and you’re given your room key. Ask if you can see the room first. (All hotels should allow this if you ask).  See if you can have a room where the door to your room does not open across the side or the foot of the bed. These issues may create a negative flow of energy across your bed that might interfere with sleep or cause tiredness in the morning. (You might not be able to do this on your cruise ship or your Mom’s guest room, but try and do your best)!

OK, in a perfect world! Your hotel. See if the bed is in the ‘commanding position’ which is the farthest from the doorway allowing you to have have a good view of the doorway without having to turn your head. I’m sure that most hotels will have this but it’s important to have a headboard. You may find that you will feel more grounded and more in control during your waking hours which can help with stress….

The next thing to check out is that your room is not near or adjacent to stairwells, elevators, ice makers, etc. Ask to move if this is what you find, because the noise interference can potentially lower your personal (chi) energy, not to mention  interrupting your sleep patterns. Do the best you can.  You’ll will not always have a choice but if you do, go for it!

If the foot of your bed faces a mirror, do cover it at night or put a plant in front of it. The issue is not to be able to see yourself in the mirror when lying in bed. (This might cause nightmares in children or disrupt sleep in adults).

So now, you have found your perfect or close to perfect room.

The next step is to keep it as clean as possible! Yes, you will have housekeeping in a hotel (don’t ask your Mom) but it’s amazing how much clutter you can amass in just an hour or so!  Please, no throwing clothes, packages, suitcases, etc. on chairs, tabletops or heaven forbid.. the floor!  Immediately on arriving, put your belongings away. Hang your clothes up in your closet and use all the drawers for putting away all your additional “stuff.” If there is room, hide your suitcases in the closet. A clean non-cluttered room will allow the energy to flow and you will sleep and  feel better on awakening. This suggestion is for wherever you are. Be it hotel, family guest room, cruise ship stateroom, or your Bed and Breakfast Inn!

Now you are ready to put some personal belongings you have brought from home around the room. Place photos of your children, spouses, children, pets, even friends.. … The photos will bring you closer to home with a feeling of warmth and happiness. I never travel anywhere without photos of my family and my beloved felines. They are all in lovely frames that I place near my bed and across the room where I can see them on arising.

I also bring my two favorite crystals to place in the SW corner of my hotel room or even my family guest room. (The SW far right corner from the door is the Relationship area). I visualize a very happy experience while I’m away from home…. Good communications, happy family and/or business gatherings and safe travel. I also bring my essential oils (especially lavender for calming) and my diffuzer for a sense of tranquility. I also try to place a small bowl or glass of water for the “shui” of feng shui near the door to my room. This helps in attracting good healthy chi into your space.

I must say when I implement my travel “remedies” my travel experiences are always close to perfection!

Happy Travels to one and all!






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Clutter and Your Relationships!.


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Not too long ago, I had a consultation with a client who called me in to help her with a relationship she had with her boyfriend. They both felt “stuck” and were fighting all the time. When I got to the front door and rang the bell, I heard my client yell out, “Oh, just a minute…I want to clear the doorway.” I had a bad feeling!
As I entered the home, or rather “climbed” into the home over boxes, laundry and kitty litter, I could only wonder at what she had cleared out. My initial response was to tell her immediately that I could not work with her feng shui because of her enormous amount of clutter, particularly in her entry way. Feng Shui is about creating good energy in your space to help you achieve a healthier more prosperous life. In order to do that, the energy or “chi” has to be able to move freely throughout your home (or business spaces). The good energy should enter your spaces without having to plow through clutter. It will have no place to go but stagnate right where it is!
She had read that feng shui was able to help create a wonderful peaceful and communicative bedroom, especially with sparing partners. She begged me to look at her bedroom. She requested that I give her immediate “remedies” to help cure her relationship. I tried not to faint when I entered her bedroom.. She had clutter in every area of the room that went up the walls to her ceilings!
After explaining to her that there was no way I could possibly help her until she had a dramatic clutter clearing event, I put my arms around her and assured her that I would help her. I put her in contact with a wonderful professional organizer. She made the appointment and they both worked on transforming her home. My client then called me back. It was now time for Feng Shui!  I didn’t recognize her home!  It was simply remarkable! I looked at her and she was beaming. She looked healthier, rosy cheeks and she had lost weight. She and her boyfriend were starting to get along better, but it was now time to do her feng shui. I gave her some remedies to help with what had already started and the result was, I was just invited to their wedding in October!. They are happier than they have ever been, and I am so happy for them. .

Bottom line, clutter can keep you stagnant and stuck in so MANY areas of your life. Clear the clutter and feel what a difference it makes. You will feel joyous!

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CLUTTER! Help Is On The Way!


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FENG SHUI De cluttering.

The holidays are coming and as you look around your home, you begin to see how much your clutter seems to be accumulating around your home and office space. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a clean clutter free home when Mom arrives?

If you’re like me, you’ll notice that clutter just seems to appear out of nowhere! (Where on earth did all this paper come from, is often my cry)!!

It can be overwhelming. As a feng shui consultant, I know how much clutter can impact a life negatively.

I know, it’s always an on going  job to stay “clutter free” but there is help on the way, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money hiring a professional to help you do the job!

I’m always in favor of saving my clients money so I’d like to direct you to a wonderful website.

I love the organizers who put together this self help website, because, I hear every day from my clients how hard it is for them to get ahead of their accumulating clutter. Now You Can De-Clutter By Going Online!

De-cluttering is essential for good feng shui and a happier more balanced life.

You won’t believe how your life can change for the better when you De-clutter your life!

So check out this site! It’s a wonderful and inexpensive way to get yourself started to end clutter  and attract more  prosperity and abundance.

Just go on over to:

Wishing you Good Feng Shui!



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Feng Shui for Your Closet


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Your closet is an area of your home that you may tend to overlook when it comes to embarking on your Feng Shui journey.

A closet that is cluttered and disorganized may be a reflection of your mental and emotional well-being and should be carefully repaired to ensure the continuous positive flow of energy in your life.


You are certain to  find a large portion of the contents of your closet that’s not only clutter but it’s clutter that you can exist without, especially if you have not worn or used an item in over a year!


Once you have purged your closet of unneeded possessions then you can set the task of organizing so that everything has a place of it’s own. Socks, belts, hats, and even your jewelry should have a place to call it’s own. Not only will positive energy around your clothing  start to flow, but you will be able to locate something when you are looking for it!

How many times have you stood in your closet looking for that great belt that seems to have disappeared?


Your closet should be well lit to help you easily locate your items when you are looking for them. Consider installing a new affordable shelving system that will keep your closet organized and perhaps a fresh coat of white or sunshine yellow paint to help give your closet a fresh new look.

(The first thing you see in the morning as you are getting ready to face the day should be pleasing and not a mess)!

If you tend to ‘hide’ your clutter behind a closed door (as if it REALLY doesn’t exist) it may indicate problems that are affecting other aspects of your life.

Purge and organize your closet so you are proud to keep the door open at all times!

                                         LIVE LIFE IN HARMONY!

Visit my website: for more feng shui information to help you live a healthier and more balanced life!

Also, please download my FREE Ebook; “How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui”

Blessings, Elaine

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Cure Your Clutter!


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 If you are having “issue’s”  with clutter I can think of no better place for HELP other than Karen Kingston, the goddess of clutter clearing.

Check out her new book “Clear Your Clutter”

If you feel overwhelmed with even getting started, Karen will help you! She was one of my many teachers when I first started my Feng Shui training many years ago. She taught me that before you can have Good Feng Shui, you MUST get rid of your oppressive clutter! Check it out!

Please go over to: and download your FREE Ebook, “HOW TO INCREASE YOUR FINANCES WITH FENG SHUI”

Some great tips on how to attract more prosperity!

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Spring Clean your way2goodfengshui!


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Here in California the sun is finally out!! Contrary to popular thought it does rain in California and this year we’ve had more than enough!

Today, as I gaze out my window and view my luscious green and colorful garden, thank you Julie Molinaire, landscape designer extraordinaire! (Meet Julie on the right side of this page)! I realized that Spring is in the air which prompted this post.

I’m about to start my Spring Cleaning which I do every year to clean out, clear out, declutter and give my own Feng Shui a boost!

I know, I’ve said it before, but I can’t stress it enough that when clutter starts to accumulate, imbalance occurs in your personal an business life.

We can’t have that!

Cleaning out clutter will create a sense of harmony and peace in your space and it will bring positive energy into your home and business life.

You don’t have to do the whole house in one day. Start small. Maybe your closet first, then maybe all that stuff inside your front door that’s been collecting over the winter. I know that when I clean and organize my kitchen shelves and cabinets, I feel like I’ve won the marathon!

So, when you ‘let go’ of things that no longer serve you, you will be rewarded with more energy, better health, more vitality and success in business.

Yours in Good Feng Shui!


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Are You A Hoarder??


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OK, so you admit that you have more clutter than is comfortable for you  and you want to do something about it. Good for you! So what’s this thing about being a hoarder??

Yipes, “I’m not a hoarder,” you say. “That’s for other people…I know where everything is and I’m OK. I just need to clean house.”

The line between having clutter and hoarding can become amazingly slim. That’s because hoarders trick themselves into thinking that they really don’t have a lot of excess, and what’s worse,  they remain emotionally attached to their “stuff.”

Hoarders feel like they’re cutting off an arm when asked to clear away their junk. It’s  hugely painful.

That being said, most people are not hoarders, but most people do carry more clutter in their lives than is necessary.

The word Clutter is known to have originated somewhere in the 1400’s and means to clot, store in heaps, and litter! 

As I’ve said many times before, clutter is a major source of concern in having good Feng Shui because clutter creates a major source of stagnation.

So get out the garbage bags, have a garage sale, hire a professional organizer and get going! You can’t believe how good you will feel!

Elaine Giftos Wright

Certified Feng Shui Master, practicing in Los Angeles California

FREE Ebook!! Download your today!

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Feng Shui And Romance!


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Are you looking for a new romance? Well, romance is in the air if you properly prepare!

Many single individuals often ask me how to draw in a new romantic partner using Feng Shui. Of course I tell them that feng shui is not a magic bullet to magically produce the love of your life  BUT, feng shui can certainly assist in bringing good energy to your home and perhaps drawing in that perfect mate.

When you create a bedroom that signals the universe that you are ready to share your life, you start the flow of energy in the right direction.

Foe instance, many single people set up their bedrooms with only themselves in mind. Of course  that would be logical since they are the only ones inhabiting the bedroom.

To signal the universe that you wish to share your space, you must begin by using “the power of two.”

Here are a few examples.

Even though you are the only one using the bed and you have your favorite side of the bed with an end table and lamp (why have two you ask)! This says clearly that you want to be alone!

You will want to set your bedroom up for two, so start by having another end table and lamp on the other side of the bed. Voila! It already is prepared for that special someone to share your space! 

Color can create romance. Have a splash of Red, or Fuchsia in your bedroom. These colors create passion. Also, pink attracts Romance.  (Hanging a beautiful jeweled pink crystal) over your bed adds the color of love and romance.

Stay away from bright and busy patterns in the bedroom. Bright active colors are best in other rooms.

If you have items from past relationships, they MUST be extracted from the bedroom. You will not be able to bring in the new if you don’t release the past.

If possible, it’s best to buy a new bed after a relationship is over. At the very least, you should use new linens!

If you are a woman, please make sure that your bedroom isn’t all soft and fluffy. If it’s too sweet and frilly, a man won’t feel comfortable there.

DO NOT SLEEP UNDER A BEAM! This is feng shui 101! A beam will oppress your love life and also your health, so move the bed or use feng shui remedies to offset the problem.

Don’t flush away romance by having your bed too close to a bathroom. Always shut the door and keep the toilet seat down after you go to bed.

And of course, get rid of clutter in the bedroom! When you clear the clutter from your bedroom, you open up the room to new energy and a new love. If there is too much of your ‘stuff’ in your bedroom, you signal that there is no space left for anyone who may wish to share your life and/or bedroom!

De-clutter now!

Somewhere in your bedroom, hang a picture of a loving couple, never a single person. The images on your bedroom wall should be soft and loving, never an image that depicts loneliness, violence or sadness. (Be careful what you see on your walls. It reflects your life)!

To all of you looking for love, I wish you many blessings and the best of success!



Elaine Giftos Wright is a certified Feng Shui consultant, instructor, speaker and author. Contact her at:

FREE EBOOK! Download Elaine’s book, Money Money Money..How to Increase Your Finance with Feng Shui! Click here to receive your copy.

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Clutter Clearing For Good Feng Shui!


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Clutter is the enemy!! Maybe that’s going too far but I have to say clutter can make it harder to move forward in life!

Of course, clutter is the enemy of Feng Shui, you’ve heard me say that many times, but clutter also has a negative affect on your emotions as well, so since I take my own advice, I decided to use much of the week between Christmas and New Years to clear my own home!

I feel renewed! Here we are at the end of a year and starting a new one and I felt compelled to start off with a clean de-cluttered home and office!

It’s a great feeling. Almost like a weight has been lifted. I feel light and even my thinking seems clearer. Maybe it’s not being distracted by “stuff” that was collecting all over my office and throughout my home.

I started in my office. I threw out bags and bags of unnecessary paperwork that’s been collecting these past few months. It’s amazing how we always think “well, we might need that it the future.” Actually, when you REALLY look at the stuff you so diligently hang on to, you’ll realize that you haven’t needed it in months and it’s totally out of date…so out with it! Whew! It felt so good.

Next I started in my bathroom. Dozens of outdated lotions, creams, vitamin pills and whatnot, into the trash bag and out the door! Surprise, I can find everything I need in a flash now that my shelves and drawers are clean, clean clean!

My guest room closet was a catch all for so many clothes, shoes, scarves, and storage that I haven’t looked at or needed for over two years. That was my clue that most of it was totally unnecessary. Out it went!

Wish me luck. I’m about to go downstairs to attack my kitchen cupboards!

Can you imagine what I will find in there?

Happy New Year everyone! And, “Yours in Good Feng Shui!”

Many Blessings


Click here for your FREE Feng Shui Ebook! (Great tips for attracting prosperity using Feng Shui principles)!

Contact Elaine:

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The Knowledge Of Feng Shui


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The Knowledge and Wisdom of Feng Shui has been around for centuries and the practice of using this ancient art has been popular in this country since the mid-eighties.

That being said, there is still a sort of mystery surrounding Feng Shui and I am asked countless times to explain what it actually is.

Since Feng Shui is my passion, especially since I have seen so many people (my clients and others) benefit so much from using the techniques of feng shui, I decided to write an easy to read book on what feng shui is….. what it isn’t and how it can benefit you and your family.

The book is titled,  FENG SHUI FOR LIFE, LOVE AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. It’s an easy to read guide to improving your life using many of the tips contained in the book. You can download it at:

 In my next blog post, I will be interviewing a professional organizer (My colleague Kim Rocke) who will be answering questions about how you can organize your life, clear clutter and make your way to Good Feng Shui!

More feng shui tips and information can be found on my website:


Elaine Giftos Wright

Certified Master Feng Shui Consultant

Los Angeles, California


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