How Feng Shui Can Travel With You!


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I get asked all the time if Feng Shui can help while traveling? I say “Yes, you can take it with you!”
Let’s say you are traveling and will be staying in a hotel. Or perhaps during the holidays you might be bunking with a family member or even traveling on a cruise ship. The following tips can help no matter how you choose to travel. Traveling can also be stressful so taking your feng shui on the road can help!

I always travel with a small bag of what I call “remedies” and if I happen to leave town without them, I definitely feel the difference!

Let’s say you have just arrived at your hotel and you’re given your room key. Ask if you can see the room first. (All hotels should allow this if you ask).  See if you can have a room where the door to your room does not open across the side or the foot of the bed. These issues may create a negative flow of energy across your bed that might interfere with sleep or cause tiredness in the morning. (You might not be able to do this on your cruise ship or your Mom’s guest room, but try and do your best)!

OK, in a perfect world! Your hotel. See if the bed is in the ‘commanding position’ which is the farthest from the doorway allowing you to have have a good view of the doorway without having to turn your head. I’m sure that most hotels will have this but it’s important to have a headboard. You may find that you will feel more grounded and more in control during your waking hours which can help with stress….

The next thing to check out is that your room is not near or adjacent to stairwells, elevators, ice makers, etc. Ask to move if this is what you find, because the noise interference can potentially lower your personal (chi) energy, not to mention  interrupting your sleep patterns. Do the best you can.  You’ll will not always have a choice but if you do, go for it!

If the foot of your bed faces a mirror, do cover it at night or put a plant in front of it. The issue is not to be able to see yourself in the mirror when lying in bed. (This might cause nightmares in children or disrupt sleep in adults).

So now, you have found your perfect or close to perfect room.

The next step is to keep it as clean as possible! Yes, you will have housekeeping in a hotel (don’t ask your Mom) but it’s amazing how much clutter you can amass in just an hour or so!  Please, no throwing clothes, packages, suitcases, etc. on chairs, tabletops or heaven forbid.. the floor!  Immediately on arriving, put your belongings away. Hang your clothes up in your closet and use all the drawers for putting away all your additional “stuff.” If there is room, hide your suitcases in the closet. A clean non-cluttered room will allow the energy to flow and you will sleep and  feel better on awakening. This suggestion is for wherever you are. Be it hotel, family guest room, cruise ship stateroom, or your Bed and Breakfast Inn!

Now you are ready to put some personal belongings you have brought from home around the room. Place photos of your children, spouses, children, pets, even friends.. … The photos will bring you closer to home with a feeling of warmth and happiness. I never travel anywhere without photos of my family and my beloved felines. They are all in lovely frames that I place near my bed and across the room where I can see them on arising.

I also bring my two favorite crystals to place in the SW corner of my hotel room or even my family guest room. (The SW far right corner from the door is the Relationship area). I visualize a very happy experience while I’m away from home…. Good communications, happy family and/or business gatherings and safe travel. I also bring my essential oils (especially lavender for calming) and my diffuzer for a sense of tranquility. I also try to place a small bowl or glass of water for the “shui” of feng shui near the door to my room. This helps in attracting good healthy chi into your space.

I must say when I implement my travel “remedies” my travel experiences are always close to perfection!

Happy Travels to one and all!






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Why Feng Shui??


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The essential reason for having feng shui done on your home and/or office space is so the energy or (chi) that flows throughout those spaces  can be more conducive to your health, development and success in life.

By optimizing and tuning the flow of energy within these spaces with feng shui,  you will directly benefit by feeling an enhanced energy in your every day life. You might notice your health improves. Your business may become more successful and perhaps, finances will improve as well. Relationships also may become happier and you will notice more harmony within your home and workspace.

Feng Shui Tip:

Keep Your stove clean!!

Did you know that your stove links to your money situation? That’s right!!

Keeping your stove clean cultivates positive Wealth Energy.  A stove that  has oil and/or food droppings can literally stagnate your flow of wealth and make it harder for you to hold onto money! So mop up those spills, my friends, and visualize money coming to you and not flowing out of your hands too quickly!

Yours in Good Feng Shui!


Elaine Giftos Wright

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Feng Shui Office Energizers


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If you want to work better and produce more, it might be a good idea to use a few of these “feng shui energizers!’

Try putting a small pot of  lucky bamboo next to your computer to absorb some excess radiation, but mainly to create a more peaceful energy while you work.

Golden Pathos is considered a wonderful feng shui plant. Place one either in front of your desk or just beside it if you are seated directly in front of the door to your office. This will disperse some of the negative chi or (shar chi) that hits you from the doorway.

If you absolutely have to have your back to your door (not recommended) then be sure to find a way to place a mirror either on your desk or on the wall so you can see a reflection of the office entrance. Not having a commanding view of the doorway can create work related stress, fatigue and a lack of well-being while working.

Use high energy items sprinkled around your office, such as photos of your family or friends that carry the energy of happy moments.  Also, bright vibrant art raises the chi of your space.

Look around your working space. Does it suggest a flow or does it seem cluttered or congested?

Do you enjoy being in this space or do you feel uncomfortable while working? 

Utilizing good feng shui guidlines will help you to become organized and more productive, and you will certainly feel less stressful!

“Elaine has used her incredible Feng Shui skills in my homes and offices for over six years. After her initial visit, my income tripled in three months! My stress level decreased dramatically, and clients and staff  are more relaxed. My personal life has also seen some major positive changes. She is a highly talented woman and I won’t make a move without her advice!”

Robert Radcliffe
Brentwood, California

 Contact Elaine:

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