The Housewives of Feng Shui!


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If you have seen the TV show ‘The Housewives of Orange County’ you might have seen me working (Feng Shui) with two of the housewives on the show (Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson). I have known Shannon for many years and I adore her . She has the biggest heart and she is a wonderful friend.
I originally met Shannon when she was referred to me by her doctor for a feng shui home consultation.  (She was kind enough to write a testimonial for me, see below)! I liked her on contact and I was so pleased that I could help her and her family!

Flash forward 10 years, and Shannon wins a coveted role on the “Housewives” show and she’s off and running into Fame and Success! However her life was not a so called walk in the park. Filming a TV show is very stressful and the hours that have to be devoted to filming can sometimes take a toll on family life, as it did for Shannon. When difficulties occurred, I worked with Shannon and you can see some of that on the show coming up in early November on Bravo. Working with Vicki was also fun! She had me in stitches when I was working on her office AND being followed by 5 cameras!  She’s funny and very smart!

Shannon’s words:  “When my twins were born, my husband and I had to move our 3 year old daughter into a new room. She screamed all night every night. We consulted doctor after doctor and finally Elaine was recommended to us. I was willing to give Feng Shui a try but my husband was skeptical. I called Elaine anyway and when she came to our home, and she saw my daughter’s room, she made some simple adjustments to the furniture and implemented what she called remedies. From that night on, my daughter slept soundly! I also followed her other suggestions and many wonderful things happened for our family. A year after meeting Elaine, my husband built his own office building. He quietly asked for Elaine to come and help him with any Feng Shui issues. She is such a wonderful person with a tremendous heart and we owe her so much!”

Shannon Beador
Newport Beach, CA

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