My most fabulous favorite feng shui fountain!


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Many of my feng shui clients ask me what my favorite    fountain is? I have to say that this is the one!

This fountain combines flowing, babbling brook water sounds with the deep, mesmerizing tones of chimes and bells. Water bubbles up through the two center bells, spilling over into the pool in the beautiful copper basin. (You will be in heaven)!!

This tabletop fountain’s durable copper basin is brilliantly made, and goes through a special “firing” process to give it an aged patina look (as shown in the photo above). Additionally, a protective coating is applied to give the copper extra protection against weather elements, if you choose to use this fountain outdoors. If kept outdoors, it is possible that, over time, and especially in harsh weather environments, the protective coating can wear off. The worst that will happen, however, is that parts of the copper may get a greenish, antique tint called verdigris. This will not weaken the structure of the copper basin in any way, and it will not affect the workings of the Water Bell Fountain.

This is an excellent indoor water fountain for anywhere in your home, and a great outdoor fountain for your porch, deck, or garden area. It’s sure to be a huge hit at your next garden party.


Place your water fountain in the South East corner of your home to attract wealth and abundance.

The fountain can also be placed in the far left corner of your office (as you stand at the door of your office space). This will help in attracting more prosperity for your business.

I’ve had a few feng shui fountains in my time, but none satisfied me more than this Woodstock Bell Fountain.

If you’re in the market for beautiful fountain with incredibly soothing sounds that may also help with your personal prosperity, I recommend you check out this beauty! The price is good and it’s FREE SHIPPING as well! (You may even be able to get one day delivery)!

(Click on the MEDIA button on this site and LISTEN to this amazing fountain)!

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Many Blessings


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Fertility,Healthy Babies and Good Feng Shui!


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Having a healthy baby is the prayer that every parent has, and those of you who have tried to conceive with no results, may feel particularly stressed and anxious, which may only contribute to the problem.

This is why it is so important to be living in a home that will generate peace, harmony and tranquility. (Feng Shui to the rescue)!

There are so many elements contributing to fertility, and I couldn’t begin to offer advice since I’m not an MD, but with  my expertise in Feng Shui, I might be able to offer some advice in ways that you’ve never even thought of!

After working with your doctors, another way to increase your odds of becoming pregnant with a healthy baby is to maximize your ability to harmonize and balance any troublesome negative energy that may be lurking in your home. (You’d be surprised how important this is to correct…not just for pregnancy, but for everyone)!

When trying to conceive, try some of these feng shui fertility tips.

  • When you are trying to conceive, it’s best to avoid any remodeling, major or minor around your home. Remodeling disrupts the vital balance of energy within the home and we would not recommend it while trying to conceive.
  • Don’t agitate the energy around your bed. (I know this sounds strange and difficult, especially if you’re obsessive compulsive) but here it is! Avoid dusting under your bed while you are attempting to conceive!
  • The area under your bed should be clear (no storage) so energy can circulate while you sleep. This is not only important for conception and during pregnancy, but it’s a good rule for everyone
  • Wear Rose Quartz crystals or place them in your bedroom. Rose Quartz is known to enhance fertility!
  • Add a bouquet of white flowers to the Childrens’ Area (the right center area of your bedroom) This is the area of the “bagua” or energy graph that nourishes children. This will encourage health for mother and child.

“After many unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant, within a few weeks, I am pregnant! My husband doesn’t know how it works, only that it does! Thank you, Elaine. You have truly changed our lives.”

Nicole Scott
Farmers Insurance and Financial Services
Santa Clarita, CA

I LOVE this site for baby shopping! Check them out at:

I’ll say good bye for now, and remind you to get your FREE E-Book about MONEY!!

Love and Blessing,




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Feng Shui Tips For Your Home Office.


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I am very particular about the feng shui of my home office because I know how important it is for the success in my business.

Good feng shui starts with an uncluttered work space. When your work space is uncluttered, and you have sufficient room to move, you will find that you will be able to think more clearly and be much more productive.

When placing your desk in the room, it’s best to occupy one of the farthest corners of the room. In this way, you have will have what is called the “commanding position”of the room. This is where the CEO of a major company would sit. Even though you may not be a CEO, you are still the head of your own business. Being in command of your own business is essential for success!.


When I have worked with small business owners who mainly work out of their home offices, it’s amazing how their businesses improved simply by moving their desks to a better position. It’s quite remarkable that a simple change can do so much good!

It’s all about the proper energy of the room!

Even if you have a main office outside of the home, it’s still important to have good feng shui in your home office as well, if you wish to optimize your business success!!

Never sit with your back to the door!!

 This is particularly important!

If your back faces the door. you become a symbolic ‘victim’ in your business, which could make it easier for others to take advantage of you.

If you can’t move your desk position, you can place a mirror on the wall above your desk, or in a small frame on your desk to reflect the door.

In the following weeks, I will be giving you additional tips on how to attract more business success, so stay tuned!

Many Blessings,


Do you have feng shui questions? I’ll be more than happy to chat with you about some of the incredible benefits feng shui has to offer!

Contact me at: egwright@way2fengshui,com

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Good lighting, Good Feng Shui!


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                                     LET THERE BE LIGHT!!

There are so many ways to light your life and so much to choose from. Lighting can be functional, decorative, ambient or used as an accent.

However you choose to light your home, you might also want to take advantage of using certain feng shui principles in lighting to add a special energy or good chi to your home or workspace.

Here are some tips on how to invite good energy into your home.

  1. We love chandeliers! Chandeliers are such a wonderful way to energize a room. If you are looking for Romance, hanging a chandelier in the Southwest corner of any room (especially your bedroom) is a wonderful way to attract a new partner or to help in bringing in new energy to an existing relationship.
  2. Invite excellent energy into your home by installing bright lights just inside and outside your front door.
  3. A light with a soft glow placed in the Southeast corner of your home can light your way to more abundance in your life.
  4. Crystals reflect light and create energy, and move the flow of chi throughout a space.
  5. Wearing certain combinations of crystals can calm the mind and strengthen your personal energy field. For centuries, crystals have been used for their healing abilities. Hanging certain colors of crystals can bring healing energy to your home, just as wearing them as bracelets or other forms of jewelry can help heal your body!

If you’d like to invite more prosperity, better health, happier relationships, and more well-being into your life, invest in a variety of beautiful soft and decorative lighting!

You just might be surprised at the positive changes in your life!

Many Blessings,


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Money Trees!


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What exactly is a Feng Shui Money Tree?

Actually the correct name for what we think of as “Money Trees” is Pachira.

Pachira is a lovely, leafy plant and many people enjoy the beauty of this particular plant/tree.

According to feng shui principles, this plant is said to bring prosperity and abundance into your home if placed correctly.

I have a gorgeous Pachira in my Wealth area of my home that has grown to an amazing 7ft tall! It started out as a 1ft high baby plant. It is leafy and stunning and brings a beauty to my room that is unsurpassed!

The best part is that it needs so little care. Just a little sunlight and some water a few times a month is all that is needed.

I get my “Money Trees” from this online merchant. Just as fresh flowers are delivered to your door, you can purchase a beautiful fresh tree in any size and have it delivered safely to your home.

Check them out here: Click here to browse!

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Many Blessings,


Contact me at:,  and ask me questions!

I love to talk about Feng Shui!

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The use of Mirrors in Feng Shui


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The use of mirrors in feng shui is often referred to as “the aspirin of feng shui.”

The reason is that mirrors produce many benefits and can create a host of enhancements, protection, and adjustments to aid in the healthy flow of energy throughout your environment.

One of the main reasons I love mirrors is that they provide a wonderful opportunity to pull in the aspects of nature into your space. (I often suggest the placement of a certain type of convex mirror for my clients who live near the ocean).

By placing a mirror on the outside wall of their home, reflecting the ocean, the mirror is used to pull in either Wealth, Business or Relationship energy)!

Feng Shui mirrors may also be used to push back what would be considered negative energy. By placing (what is called a BaGua mirror) facing the negativity, the mirror will reflect the negative energy back to it’s source.

One instance of a negativity would be your front door facing a T intersection, or outside your bedroom window, a huge power line is close by!

One place a mirror should never live is at the foot of your bed. This is agreed on by all schools of Feng Shui!

That being said, our school of Feng Shui teaches us that a round or oblong mirror placed in the SW wall of your bedroom can enhance marital harmony!

If your entryway seems congested first; clear out the clutter, and then open up the space with a mirror properly positioned on the wall.

If you’re looking for a wonderful assortment of mirrors to choose  from, you  may find something special from the website below. I shop here and love my choices! !

My clients tell  me that they have found some of the most beautiful mirrors at very affordable prices! CLICK HERE TO BROWSE!

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Until next time.

Many Blessings, Elaine

Ask me questions!





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Light Up Your Life With Feng Shui


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If you’re looking for a way to begin attracting  good feng shui into your home, good lighting will always help to stimulate a healthy flow of energy. It’s one of the best “remedies” for promoting harmony and balance within your environment.

You can attract wonderful energy into your home by installing bright lights both inside and outside your front door. These lights should be left on throughout the entire night for maximum benefits.

I Love Chandeliers!!

Whenever I come across  a chandelier in a client’s home, I know that good chi is already circulating! The crystals within the chandelier are incredible for reflecting light and energy.

A crystal chandelier hanging inside and above your front entry is probably the most beautiful remedy you could possibly have for bringing in healthy abundant energy to you and your family!

Invest in some attractive brilliant lighting. You may find that you will begin attracting more prosperity, better health and happier relationships!

I love this site (check out below) to shop for great lighting.  I have found some wonderful lighting accents to perk up my own feng shui!

Did you know that good lighting can be your first step in bringing good feng shui into your environment?

And, best of all, lighting can be one of the most cost effective solutions in bringing light and energy into your home or office.

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Is Feng Shui magic??


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Is Feng Shui magic??

I love this question as much as I love, “Is feng shui Voodoo, or Mysticism?” And let’s not forget this one….”I thought that feng shui was a new age fad!”

So let me give you an answer to all of this! NO!! Feng Shui is none of the above!

Please don’t be uncomfortable with feng shui! It’s been helping people for centuries!

Individuals, families, corporations, and businesses  all benefit from having good feng shui.

If you would like to attract more balance, harmony and prosperity into your life, than feng shui may be just right for you!!

Feng Shui is really just the conscience participation in a natural process that has been around for hundreds of years.

Feng Shui philosophy is really quite simple. If you are able to connect your personal energy to that of your immediate environment, you will be in tune with the natural forces of nature. You will naturally experience the results in a happier more productive life.

That’s it! 


No magic, no mysticism, no religious beliefs!

Feng Shui is based on science!

I am passionate about feng shui! Personally, it has helped me with such significant positive changes in my life, it would be hard to ignore.

As a certified feng shui consultant with over 15 years of professional practice, I have seen extraordinary results with so many people that I am often amazed at how such a beautiful simple practice can help change lives for the better!

I would love it if you would visit:

and check out all of the information about what feng shui is and what it is NOT!

Also, download your FREE Ebook from my homepage  “Money – Money – Money, How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui”

Please let me know if I have helped you to get a better understanding about Feng Shui. I would love to hear what you have to say!

Many Blessings,


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Butterflies and Hummingbirds add Good Feng Shui!


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Hummingbirds and Butterflies are Good Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is all about bringing  energy, harmony and balance into our every day lives. If you want to create some good feng shui energy in your garden, Attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds!!

I have a hummingbird feeder in my back garden and sometimes, I am mesmerized watching these beautiful small birds fluttering about, creating all that wonderful chi! They also land on some of my plants and flowers I purposely planted for the very same reason……..

(Bringing good energy and good Feng Shui into my garden)!

Attracting good chi into your garden is really quite easy. Here are some plant and flower choices you can use!

Plants and Flowers that attract HUMMINGBIRDS

Lilacs; Lavenders; Salvias; Delphiniums; Aloe; Coral Bells; Bottlebrush; Ceanothus; Hibiscus; and Honeysuckle.

Plants and Flowers that attract BUTTERFLIES

Sunflowers; Snapdragon; Wisteria; Hibiscus; Lobelia; Asters; Sweet Alyssum; Shasta Daisies; Nasturtium; Hollyhocks and Heliotrope.

These flowers and plants will not only add beauty to your garden, but if you add them, you will be creating good feng shui for you and our family!

Yours in Good Feng Shui!



Please log onto: and download my FREE Ebook, “MONEY- MONEY- MONEY How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui


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Feng Shui Tip for Today. Gardens!


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The letters on the spinning wheel are known to translate to GOOD ENERGY or GOOD CHI coming your way!

I wanted to send you all the gift  of healthy energy and also a good Feng Shui Tip for Today!

BTW, I will be doing a FREE tele class with Landscape artist Julie Molinaire on Thursday, March 15th at 6:30pm PST and the subject will be: FENG SHUI FOR YOUR GARDEN.  Please click on the link below for more information. We would love to have you join us. It will be a very fun and informative call!

Today, I would like to give you your first good Feng Shui gardening tip!

When planting, try to avoid trees or plants that have thorns. (Thorns or ‘pointed leaves’ CUT energy instead of compelling energy to flow freely!

Fruit trees are wonderful  as long as they’re kept healthy. Fruit trees are  exceptional because they attract life into your garden, as in birds, other animals and even buzzing insects!

This creates an abundance of good healthy chi that circulates and nourishes your entire out door space. Your whole family will appreciate this as you spend quality time outside this Spring and Summer!

Yours in Good Feng Shui! Many Blessings,


Http:// (Get your FREE Feng Shui Ebook)!

More tips at: 


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