Money Trees!


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What exactly is a Feng Shui Money Tree?

Actually the correct name for what we think of as “Money Trees” is Pachira.

Pachira is a lovely, leafy plant and many people enjoy the beauty of this particular plant/tree.

According to feng shui principles, this plant is said to bring prosperity and abundance into your home if placed correctly.

I have a gorgeous Pachira in my Wealth area of my home that has grown to an amazing 7ft tall! It started out as a 1ft high baby plant. It is leafy and stunning and brings a beauty to my room that is unsurpassed!

The best part is that it needs so little care. Just a little sunlight and some water a few times a month is all that is needed.

I get my “Money Trees” from this online merchant. Just as fresh flowers are delivered to your door, you can purchase a beautiful fresh tree in any size and have it delivered safely to your home.

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Feng Shui For Wealth


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I’m often asked how feng shui can help with achieving wealth. It seems that there is so much written about the wealth benefits of having feng shui done in your home.

What I explain is that feng shui is not a ‘magic bullet’. It will not magically create all that you desire, but what it can do is help to create an environment that ATTRACTS what you desire.

When your home or workplace is in balance, you are healthier in mind and body and you live more in harmony with nature. Your energy is higher, and your relationships are solid and healthy. You naturally attract what is positive and good in life.

I have written a book called “MONEY – MONEY – MONEY”  How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui. I would like to offer this book to you FREE of charge! Just go to: and download your copy today. I think you will enjoy reading about how you, too can bring balance and harmony into your home with feng shui!

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