Valentine’s Day Traditions and Feng Shui!


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Romance is in the air and so is sharing, loving and having fun!

We who practice Feng Shui love Valentine’s Day because of the usage of vibrant colors such as  Pinks and Reds. These colors add tremendous energy especially if used in the South west areas of your home.

Pink is the color for love and romance and Red is the color of Passion! Adding these colors to your bedroom will spice things up!

What I thought might be fun to share with you today are some of the Valentine traditions around the world.


Did you know that in India, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with much fervor and excitement, especially among the young?

The boys and girls take to the streets and form parades throughout the city. The rush of excitement regarding Valentines Day can be felt weeks before the actual day with adrenaline pumping in anticipation of the upcoming festival.

Jewelry is one of the main gifts exchanged between husband and wife on this romantic day. Boys search out teddy bears for their girlfriends and the shops sell out early. Gifts of love maps, tulips, baskets filled with rare artifacts are also very popular among lovers.


Ahhhh Italy! Land of love and passion! Italians take Valentine’s Day seriously and it is a popular day for Italians to get engaged or marry.

There is an old Italian tradition that on Valentine’s day, parents will wake up unmarried girls before sunrise. They believe that the first boy the young girl sees in the morning, or someone who looks like him will become her husband in the future.

Girls have been known to wake up early and stand in front of their windows to see if ‘Mr. Right” may be walking by!


The Irish like to exchange  poetry on this day. After all, this land has turned out some of the more famous poets in history!

They exchange love messages in the form of poetry to each other. The Irish will often cook delicious foods in the colors of Red and Pink to serve to their lovers. Red tinted bread, mashed potatoes and a red tinted cake is one of the favorites.


I can’t forget Greece as it is the home of my ancestors. Men and women in Greece will often spend the entire day together on this very romantic day. If a Greek woman is given a bouquet of red roses, being emotional beings they  will often break out in tears!

 Greek woman love scents and like to smell fresh. Perfume gifts from their men are always appreciated.

Greek men will often sing love songs to their beloveds, and the shops and tavernas are awash with celebrating couples.

Where ever you are on this special day, I wish you all the most happiest of all Valentine’s Days!!

Love and Blessings


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