Feng Shui and Crystals


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I have often been asked during my feng shui consultations with clients, if Crystals and Gems have the power to heal. The idea of gem therapy is not new and the practice of healing with crystals and gems has been around for centuries. 

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and the Vedas in India used crystals and gemstones to heal the body and transmit energy.

Crystals were also ground up and used in oral medicines.

Royalty wore crystals and gems close to their body because they believed that certain imbalances within their body could be corrected.

The usage of crystals and gems was used in ancient times to increase wealth, improve health, attain power and popularity when worn.

Shift forward to today, and we who are experienced in Feng Shui use the healing and balancing power of crystals to bring a better sense of well-being to our clients.

Feng Shui is all about bringing balance, harmony and order into your life. Multi-faceted pure Swarovski crystals are one of Feng Shui’s major remedies for creating a movement of vital energy within your living and working spaces. When you hang a crystal from the ceiling in any given room, it will encourage the universal life force to flow freely throughout the room. If the energy in a space does not flow freely, it may affect your health, finances, relationships or even your reputation.

Just as the use of hanging crystals can balance and energize your living and working spaces, you can also achieve so many health benefits from wearing certain crystals and gems as well!

Many people who wear  crystals will report having more energy or an improved sense of well-being.  

Crystals have been known to improve immune function due to the vibrations they carry.

I know that when I wear combinations of crystals and gems, I feel better, work better and just feel more in harmony with my environment.

My hanging crystals in various rooms bring a wonderful flow of energy and good chi throughout my living and working spaces.

 “I purchased 2 of your beautiful Jewels of Feng Shui bracelets recently. Wow, where do I start? In just that one week, I have signed my first very high profile client, have met someone interested in funding what could be a very lucrative venture for my business, and even met a wonderful man I have great chemistry with. I attribute some of my recent successes to the power of your jewels and the energy surrounding them.
Thank you so much! I will be back for more”
– Jen Gerard- White Now Whitening

Elaine Giftos Wright  (Feng Shui Consultant, Teacher, Speaker and author)  http://www.way2fengshui.com/Crystals

Contact: egwright@way2fengshui.com

Visit my website  for feng shui tips and informtion on how this ancient practice can add benefits to you life.

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Crystals, Feng Shui Wealth Enhancers!


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The word CRYSTAL comes from the Greek word krystallos, meaning frozen light.

In Feng Shui, crystals are frequently used for a specific energy or vibration they bring to your home and workspace.

Crystals have been used for centuries to promote healing and to serve as protection.  Whether worn on the body or hung from the ceiling in specific areas, Crystals are not only beautiful but they may assist in healing certain physical and emotional issues.

The multi jeweled citrine crystal and gem necklace and bracelet shown above is said to have a specific frequency in healing self esteem issues. The colors are ‘grounding’ and when worn, tend to balance the emotions.

Hanging crystals in various colors will energize and even attract Wealth energy into your home.

For instance, hanging a beautiful 40mm clear Swarovski crystal (suspended on a line of purple and amethyst crystals) can be hung in the South East area of your home to attract energy to your finances.

A multi jeweled clear Swarovski and Garnet Crystal in the South area of your home will enhance your business success and attract more opportunities.

Green will support your Family.

Fuchsia crystals suspended above a 40mm clear Swarovski crystal and hung in your bedroom will support marriage and romance.

Topaz (very important near the center of your home) will nourish and support your physical and emotional health. 

Shades of Blue will ‘enlighten’ you and bring wisdom.

If you’d like to learn more about the healing and energizing power of Crystals, check out my crystal page: http://www.way2fengshui.com/Crystals

Also, if you’d like to learn more about Feng Shui and Wealth, click here to get your FREE Ebook on how to attract WEALTH with Feng Shui!

Blessings to you!


CONTACT: egwright@way2fengshui.com

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Spring Clean your way2goodfengshui!


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Here in California the sun is finally out!! Contrary to popular thought it does rain in California and this year we’ve had more than enough!

Today, as I gaze out my window and view my luscious green and colorful garden, thank you Julie Molinaire, landscape designer extraordinaire! (Meet Julie on the right side of this page)! I realized that Spring is in the air which prompted this post.

I’m about to start my Spring Cleaning which I do every year to clean out, clear out, declutter and give my own Feng Shui a boost!

I know, I’ve said it before, but I can’t stress it enough that when clutter starts to accumulate, imbalance occurs in your personal an business life.

We can’t have that!

Cleaning out clutter will create a sense of harmony and peace in your space and it will bring positive energy into your home and business life.

You don’t have to do the whole house in one day. Start small. Maybe your closet first, then maybe all that stuff inside your front door that’s been collecting over the winter. I know that when I clean and organize my kitchen shelves and cabinets, I feel like I’ve won the marathon!

So, when you ‘let go’ of things that no longer serve you, you will be rewarded with more energy, better health, more vitality and success in business.

Yours in Good Feng Shui!




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