Insomnia? Try this Feng Shui mirror remedy!


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There is a wonderful saying that “Mirrors are the Aspirin of Feng Shui!

I first heard the statement in one of my classes years ago and I must say, I was intriqued!

Regarding Feng Shui, there are different schools and  techniques and that can be somewhat confusing for someone looking for the right answer… Especially with the use of mirrors.!

For me, it was easy. I was being trained by one of the most brilliant  teachers in Feng Shui! I followed his teachings to the max and that resulted in the most profound results for my own students and clients!

And that’s why I get to share some wonderful tips with you!

Last week, I talked about mirrors in the bedroom. Today, we are still in the bedroom, but I want to give you a tip on how a mirror or two may help with sleep issues.


There seems to be a plague going around where more and more people are having sleep issues. The amount of sleep medication in this country is at an all time high.

Before you head for the medicine cabinet, maybe try a simple Feng Shui “remedy” used to help you sleep and stay asleep. (It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous)!

It’s not a magic cure, but it really helps!

I hear you. You’re giggling as you peruse your shelf. How can I possibly live without my: Ambien, Lunesta, Rozerem and even melatonin (which has some weird side affects for some people). I had some nasty nightmares on melatonin!

Now, I’m not suggesting that you go cold turkey and throw out your medication!!! Yipes, NO!! And always talk to your doctor before making ANY medication changes!!

But if you’re thinking about going on sleep medication, or maybe you’re trying to scale down on what you’re already taking, try this non invasive, perfectly benign sleep “remedy.” (When my stress level was out of control, I tried this and it helped)!


Find a 3″ round plain mirror.  (See above).

Next you’ll  want to lift your mattress a bit to place the mirror (mirrored side up) between the mattress and the box spring right below your head.

Visualize that the mirror is producing a calming and balancing affect on your body. See yourself falling asleep and staying asleep all night. Each night before getting in bed, think of the mirror and how lovely your sleep will be!

It sounds too easy, but it is known to work more times than not, so give it a try and let me know what happens!! It certainly can’t hurt!!

Happy Snoozing!


Next week I’ll talk about mirror remedies for breathing or lung problems. (A mirror remedy might help asthma, especially for children)!

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Good Health, Good Feng Shui and FOOD!


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The food we eat is about balancing the nutrients in our body to produce good health and energy. And it’s another source of achieving  Good Feng Shui!

I once knew an individual who only ate foods of one color! Green! Eccentric? Perhaps, but what he was doing to his system was unfortunate, and he thought he was “eating healthy!”

So you’re saying, “but he ate healthy veggies, how can that be bad?” Well, too much of a good thing CAN be bad! It’s all about balance!  The ying and yang of life.

My own opinion is not to be too fanatical about food in the name of HEALTH. Having a diet that excludes one entire food group is not what I would consider healthy!

To produce harmony and balance in our bodies, we need a variety of foods to stay healthy. Healthy ‘chi’ and  life balance are directly influenced by the food we eat. It begins with how the food is harvested, going right through how we cook it and the environment and mood in how we eat it!

So grabbing dinner standing over the sink is not recommended. Having arguments over dinner is harmful no matter how many organic foods are on the menu.

The food itself should achieve harmony and balance. Positive energy flows through food as well as everything else, therefore the source of that energy should be handled very carefully.

How We Achieve  Balance and Harmony in the Foods We Eat.


If you would like to eat to maintain good balance, good health and good feng shui, it is recommended that your plate contain a variety of colors and textures that resonate with each other.


It’s important to try and use the yin/yang balance in your flavors as well. Achieving a good balance would include a meal that contains strong flavors along with delicate ones, all balanced by the use of vibrant colors.


It is so important to appreciate the aroma of the food cooking. It sets the tone of the meal soon to be enjoyed. If the cooking aroma ‘turns you off’ it’s best not to eat it as your body naturally will resist the food even if you are not aware of it.

Bon Appetite, and enjoy the good feng shui of your delicious dinner tonight!

Many Blessings,

Elaine  (for more Feng Shui Tips)



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Hawaiian Feng Shui


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I count my blessings daily and one of my biggest blessings is the opportunity to spend one week a year with my family in Maui!

I look forward to this trip every year. I come back happier, rejuvenated and ready to do my best work after my return.

I am always aware of the wonderful Feng Shui in Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands are all about very healthy chi (energy). I don’t mean just the cool breezes, the beautiful terrain, the colors, the flower aromas or the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s the WATER!

Water and good feng shui go hand in hand and of course the islands are surrounded by water. It’s the kind of water I’m talking about and Hawaii has some of the best!

Unless you’re looking for surfing beaches where the waves are suitably high for the sport, most of the Hawaiian  beaches have what we call a “soft surf.” This means that the waves don’t crash onto the beaches but rather flow gently onto the sand. This creates a gentle flow of positive healthy chi and anyone lucky enough to be near it becomes invigorated.

I believe that this is one of the main reasons people feel their healthiest  while vacationing in Hawaii. The incredible chi of these beautiful waters is what I miss most. I always encourage people headed for Hawaii to get in the ocean and not spend their days baking by the pool.

You’ll really feel the difference!




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Love is the Best Feng Shui


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I often tell my clients that if they have Love in their lives, they are already on their way to good feng shui!

Feelings of love raise your internal (chi) or energy. Feelings of anger and resentment lower your chi and your energy will plummet.

The love you feel does not necessarily have to be directed at another human being. We may love our family and our friends, but there is another love that is just as intense and that’s the love for a pet.

Some people will report that the love that they have for their favorite pet equals and sometimes surpasses the love of a family member! When a pet passes from your life, the grief can be as overwhelming as losing your beloved spouse.

I am blessed with a lot of  love in my life. I seem to live my life… in love with life, but I must say that when I get home from a particularly stressful day and I see the upturned faces and unconditional love of my beloved animal “babies” my heart is lightened and my energy soars!

(BTW, that’s my sweet Henry pictured. Can you believe those eyes)?

Love can also be sitting in your garden and feeling the love of nature. My garden is a haven for me. The colors, the scents, the birds all remind me that God is so present and I fall in love all over again.

When you open your heart to love, the possibilities are endless. Your heart expands, your energy is enhanced and your health improves.

I send love to all of you.

Yours in Good Feng Shui!


Elaine Giftos Wright is a Feng Shui Consultant practicing in So. California

Contact her at:

Visit her website here, to learn more about how feng shui can add many rewards to your life. Also, sign up for her FREE Ebook “How To Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui”

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Good Feng Shui Recipe


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In my last blog post, I talked about how properly grown and prepared food can enhance the ‘feng shui’  (or energy) of your physical body. I promised a good feng shui recipe so this week I’d like to share one of my favorite healthy pasta recipes.

Just to review a few notes for Good Feng Shui Food.

To promote good feng shui and health with the foods you eat, try to achieve a yin/yang balance of flavors. Strong flavors as well as delicate flavors are balanced by the added use of various colors. You should try not to have one food dominate the meal but strive for a balance of flavors, textures and colors. Balance is everything!
(YIN) foods in this recipe:
broccoli, carrots, turnips, pasta, white foods, cheese,
(Yang) foods in this recipe:
tomatoes, beans, peas, tomato puree, red wine, garlic


Elaine’s Favorite Pasta Recipe. (Serves 4)

  1. 4 fresh organic tomatoes cut into 4 pieces
  2. 2 medium organic carrots thinly sliced
  3. 1/4 cup chopped organic broccoli
  4. 1/4 cup organic turnips shredded
  5. 1/4 cup organic green peas
  6. 1/2 cup organic green beans cut into i inch slices
  7. 1/2 tsp. thyme
  8. 1/4 tsp rosemary
  9. 1/2 tsp. Italian herbs
  10. 2 tablespoons of organic tomato puree
  11. pasta for 4 people
  12. 1 jar of Italian Cheese pasta sauce
  13. 6 tablespoons of cold pressed olive oil
  14. 1/2 tsp. salt
  15. 2 cloves garlic crushed and added to tomato puree
Wash vegetables and add the thyme and rosemary. Steam together with a pinch of  salt – about six minutes.
Warm the cheese sauce and keep ready.
Take 6-tablespoons of the olive oil and heat  in a pan. Add the fresh tomato and steamed vegetables. Sprinkle the Italian herbs into the pan and cook. Add salt, tomato puree and blend. Keep warm and set aside. 
In a saucepan, bring water to boil. Add some salt and a splash of olive oil  to keep the pasta from sticking together. Add the pasta and sprinkle a pinch Italian dry herbs mix into the pasta water.
Cook for 9-10 minutes. (Less if you like your pasta El dente). Drain off the water, but keep a small amount of  cooking water in the pan.
Add the warm cheese  pasta sauce, and vegetables. Add the drained pasta and mix together.
Open a good bottle of red wine (for your heart) and ENJOY!
Blessings, Elaine
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Food and Feng Shui


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Good Feng Shui can be applied to anything, including food!

Our personal chi and life balance is influenced by  the food we eat, and it starts with how it is grown and how it is prepared.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables, free range eggs, organic meats and poultry, and fish that is not farmed will create good chi! Foods that contain pesticides, additives and hormones attack the “harmony” of the body and make you more vulnerable to health issues.

To promote good feng shui and health with the foods you eat, try to achieve a yin/yang balance of flavors. Strong flavors as well as delicate flavors are balanced by the added use of various colors. You should try not to have one food dominate the meal but strive for a balance of flavors, textures and colors. Balance is everything!

Here are some YIN food choices.

Carrots, celery, fish, fruits, honey, milk, potatoes, rice, pears, cabbage, melons.

Yang foods include:

Beef, chicken, eggs, eggplant, beans, tomatoes, wine, garlic, leeks, peppers, shellfish, peanuts…. to name a few.

In my next few blogs, I’m going to give you some of my favorite recipes that create good feng shui in your body!!



Contact: Elaine Giftos Wright,

Go to  for more information and articles on Feng Shui for your home and business!

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Feng Shui and Your Health


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It’s important to know that the feng shui of your home can directly affect your health.

Our bodies need a harmonious flow of energy to facilitate the nourishment of our cells, cell rejuvenation and to support smooth metabolism.

Your environment may have hidden messages that you’re not aware of that may be affecting the health and well-being of you and your family.

Any energy imbalance can be a trigger for a physical, emotional or mental health issue. I’m not saying that the imbalance will cause the disease (certainly not)  but it may lower your ability to fend off a physical or emotional issue.

Just as an acupuncturist can  heal  by placing small needles at meridian points on the body,  practicing feng shui can help heal the imbalances in your environment.

The proper energy (chi) or feng shui of your space is a delicate matter, and it’s important to understand and locate the areas in your environment that may be stagnant, already blocked or basically oppressive. These areas could block healing energy needed for healing and recovery.

Now, detecting these imbalances can be very subtle. (A trained feng shui practitioner can diagnose and immediately find the problem). You however, may feel that you are not as comfortable as you should be in your own home. You may not look forward to coming home. There may be certain rooms that feel different to you and not as warm and inviting as others.

There may be an influx of illnesses in the family. 

Simple adjustments as adding a plant or a light in a certain area, or moving your bed or desk to another position or even changing the color scheme of a room can produce positive results.  

Now I want to take this opportunity to inform you that feng shui does not “cure’ a disease or disorder. No one can claim that! It’s certainly not a magic bullet for all that ails you! Getting sick has most to do with how strong (or weak) our immune systems are and how we fight off infection and disease. , 

I do know however, from good experience that a home that has good Feng Shui (meaning a healthy flow of energy or chi) will generally have healthier more productive occupants. When harmony and balance is restored, it is natural for you and your family to attract better health, happier relationships and more prosperity!. 

I wish for you great Health and Happiness in the New Year!

NOTE: If you’d like some good information on how to balance your home with Feng Shui,  I have written a very easy to read Ebook that you may download today!  It’s loaded with great tips for you to start using feng shui today!  CLICK HERE  for your book!

 Feng Shui For Life, Love and The Pursuit of Happiness



Elaine Giftos Wright is a certified Feng Shui consultant, teacher, speaker and author practicing in the Los Angeles, CA area.



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Feng Shui and Stress Relief


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The holidays are are a wonderful time of the year! But how many of you groan with the stress that sometimes comes with the joy of the season?

Gifts to buy, food to shop for and cook, travel (which can be a stress by itself) family gatherings and crowds!You name it… it can all take it’s toll on your mind and body.

It’s most important to find time to be alone and find “me time.” Daily meditation may be hard to accomplish, but just simply setting a time when the family is out for the day can be a great time to relax and regenerate.

When I’m feeling stressed and tired, I bring out my Lavender oils, herbs and incense.  I sleep with a Lavender scented herb pillow near my head and I spray lavender scent around my bedroom before sleep. I wake up rested and refreshed. I also use the same “remedies’  while getting that important ‘me time’  no matter if I’m at my desk or curled up on my comfy sofa.

Above my head, I might hang from the ceiling a multi-faceted clear Swarovski crystal to help balance my emotions. (This is especially effective  when hung over the bed or your desk). Adding multi-colored Amber colored crystals and gems heighten the effect.

Making sure that your bed and desk are in what we call “the commanding position” will also lessen stress. The commanding position is when you lie in bed or sit at your desk and have a clear view of the door to the room, with out having to turn your head from side to side

So here we are….. a breath away from all the excitement of the season. So, take a deep breath, send out love to you family and friends and give thanks for all the Blessings in your life?



I invite you to CLICK HERE  to download your FREE Ebook, “Money-Money-Money, How to Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui”

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Feng Shui For Weight Loss


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I know the concept of Feng Shui helping you loose weight may seem questionable to you, but there are certain tips that I can share with you that might assist you in “the battle of the bulge.” 

Feng Shui has been successfully utilized in achieving great results in attracting financial success, improved health, happier relationships and even a new partner.  It has to do with the environment we live and work in.

For instance, if we live in an environment stuffed with clutter, than we are more apt to be “stuffed” as well.

We look to the balance of energy and how we co-exist with it. Science teaches us that we either have positive or negative energies surrounding us. The energies of the earth are either “Yin” or “Yang.” Yang is the male energy and is mostly active and light. Yin is the female energy and is dark and passive.

It is very important to balance the two opposing energies to produce a healthy result which is considered good feng shui.

The kitchen is the main focus of weight control in feng shui. If you enter your home and immediately see your kitchen, this can contribute to weight gain and digestive problems. Just seeing the kitchen will trigger a “food response.” 

I recently worked with an overweight couple who have always entered their home from the garage which led directly into the kitchen. They had been on constant diets throughout the years with no success. I suggested that they enter from the front door while on their current diet. Three  months later, I got an exuberant call from them. They had both lost a significant amount of weight and were healthier than they had been in years!

Choosing correct colors for a kitchen will also help in achieving weight control.  If the kitchen is too Yang, your appetite will be constantly stimulated. Yang colors in the kitchen are reds and yellows. 

Try using more Yin colors in the kitchen to curb the sensation of hunger. Yin colors are either soft blues and greens, or even black. Even eating off of vibrant colored plates can stimulate appetite and you will eat more!

And last but not least is the importance of getting rid of clutter if you are trying to loose weight!  Accumulating clutter is a way of “holding on” and it may affect your ability to successfully get rid of those extra pounds.

 When you clean out clutter you are promoting  healthy yang energy. This will balance the energy of your home as well as your physical body.

So clean out, give away or have a garage sale!

You might be surprised at just how good you feel!

Many Blessings


For more feng shui tips, visit and download my FREE Ebook;  “Money –  Money – Money,  How To  Increase Your Finances With Feng Shui”

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Feng Shui for Health


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I get many calls from individuals who are suffering from various emotional and physical stresses. After they have had a proper medical evaluation (a requirement), I will request a floor plan of their home and/or office space and do a preliminary diagnosis. 

 What I look for are imbalances of energy in their environments, often a contributing factor in their health issues. Correcting the inbalances by applying the most effective Feng Shui techniques and remedies is the usual course of action.

Our bodies need a harmonious flow of energy to facilitate the nourishment of our cells and to support smooth metabolism and cell rejuvenation.

When a person is suffering from a degenerative disease such as arthritis, the problem may only be solved temporarily, even with medication and acupuncture, because the person is usually suffering from a general lack of smooth energy flow within the body.
Statistics have shown that individuals who chronically suffered from colds, flu’s and fungal infections recovered after the Feng Shui of their homes was improved.
Children living in an imbalanced home may exhibit signs of agitation, aggressiveness and hyperactivity. A lack of concentration and academic performance may occur.
Adults are more stressed, bad tempered, agitated and conflicted. A general lack of balanced energy may result in in reduced blood circulation and aggravate heart problems.
Feng Shui is certainly not a “magic bullet” for all of life’s ills and chills, but environments that have good Feng Shui statistically prove to be a perfect adjunct to a healthy life style in keeping your family healthy and prosperous. 
Elaine Giftos Wright
Certified Feng Shui Consultant\The Wright Way of Feng Shui
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