Feng Shui Tip for Today. Gardens!


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The letters on the spinning wheel are known to translate to GOOD ENERGY or GOOD CHI coming your way!

I wanted to send you all the gift  of healthy energy and also a good Feng Shui Tip for Today!

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Today, I would like to give you your first good Feng Shui gardening tip!

When planting, try to avoid trees or plants that have thorns. (Thorns or ‘pointed leaves’ CUT energy instead of compelling energy to flow freely!

Fruit trees are wonderful  as long as they’re kept healthy. Fruit trees are  exceptional because they attract life into your garden, as in birds, other animals and even buzzing insects!

This creates an abundance of good healthy chi that circulates and nourishes your entire out door space. Your whole family will appreciate this as you spend quality time outside this Spring and Summer!

Yours in Good Feng Shui! Many Blessings,


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More tips at: http://www.way2fengshui.com/articleindex.html 


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Feng Shui and Landscaping Design


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By Julie Molinaire
The Grass Is Always Greener Landscape Designs
I have been interested in Feng Shui for quite a while now. Several years ago I went out and purchased a couple of books about Feng Shui, however they seemed like a bunch of gobble-de-gook written in a manner  that was very user un-friendly.  I also read things online and realized that it was very complicated and not something I could just pick up reading a little. 
Fast-forward a few years; I was introduced to a fabulous woman (and now great friend and colleague) Elaine Giftos Wright at a local Professional Woman’s Organization – The Association of Women Entrepreneurs.  Elaine is the Feng Shui Master who is helping me whip my home into shape (it is a process that I am working on all the time)  and she is a wonderful teacher.  After two classes with Elaine, countless hours asking questions, listening to her, and just hanging out with her I can safely say I know just enough about Feng Shui to be dangerous!  Seriously though I use Feng Shui when designing my landscape plans and if I am ever in doubt Elaine, a member of my Harmonious Home Team, is just an email or call away! 
Feng Shui actually means wind and water and it is an ancient Chinese philosophy that balances your surroundings to create harmony, and abundance in your life.  Elaine and I have collaborated on her landscape, and on the homes of clients.  Working with Elaine has really brought about some extraordinary changes in my life and the life of my family and I know that it has added a lot to my client’s lives as well.  Here is a link to an article that Elaine wrote about Feng Shui in the Garden.  Since she is the expert I thought I’d let her do the talking! https://hollywoodfengshuilady.com/feng-shui-for-the-garden
The other members of The Harmonious Home Team are, Tami Smight – Interior Designer and Kim Rocke – Professional Organizer.  Visit their websites and stay tuned here… I’ll be talking more about them as the months go by.  Working with any combination of our Harmonious Home team will be an experience that you will not only thoroughly enjoy but  an experience that will help you bring more to your life and add to the enjoyment of your home from the curb to the backyard! 
Harmonious Home Team – Place It, Beautify It, Harmonize It


The Grass Is Always Greener Landscape Designs
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Feng Shui In your Garden


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When you add good feng shui to your garden, you want to use some of the same basic principles that you would use in your home.

For instance, the energy or (chi) of your garden should be balanced and in harmony with the five basic elements in life. These elements make up everything in the world. They are; Earth; Metal; Wood; Water; and Fire.

To have a balanced garden, all must be present. These elements work together to create a harmonious and welcoming space.

It’s easy to implement these elements, but placing them in the correct areas is also important.

The Wood element is represented obviously with the trees, plants and greenery. It is also the element that nourishes Family. The left side of your garden (from your back door) would be a wonderful area to place lush green plants and vibrant flowers.

The Metal element can be as simple as your patio furniture or your child’s swing set. Metal resonates with healthy children, so placing Metal near the right center side of your garden (find by standing at your back door) will benefit your children.

Fire is perhaps your BBQ or fire pit.   (Try to place your BBQ or fire pit somewhere in the center area just outside the back of your home) This is also the element that literally “fires” up FAME and REPUTATION, and can prosper your business.

Water can be a beautiful fountain in the upper left hand corner of your back garden. (Stand at your back door and look to the far left of your property). This is the area considered to be where water is most effective in stimulating wealth and abundance).

Earth is represented clearly in your garden! The Earth element is “grounding” and supports Health. (Try not to have an overabundance of hardscape. Balance it with healthy landscaping).

I will be writing much more on the feng shui of gardens. There is so much information to share on creating the most beautiful and beneficial garden space.

I will be interviewing my colleague, Julie Molinaire in a future blog. Julie is part of our Harmonious Home Team and she is a landscape designer extraordinaire! We work closely to create the ultimate garden experience for our clients. Check out her site by clicking on her banner on the right.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!



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