Feng Shui Mirrors…In The Bedroom?


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There is a popular saying about mirrors that I love.. and the saying is;

Mirrors are the Aspirin of Feng Shui!” And how true it is. When you place a mirror in the proper place, you create a dramatic flow of energy to a given space.

For instance, mirrors are often used to expand a space and give it a sense of breath. Using a mirror in a small entryway dramatically helps in drawing beneficial “chi” or energy into your home.

But what about bedrooms? Some schools of Feng Shui do not recommend  mirrors in the bedroom, and I respect that belief. However in our school of feng shui, (often referred to as The Western School Of Feng Shui) we believe that properly placed mirrors in the bedroom can generate healthy romantic relationships and passion.

You may add a round or oval mirror in the RELATIONSHIP corner of your bedroom. (Standing in the bedroom doorway… this area is to the far right corner of the room). This placement is considered an ideal placement of a bedroom mirror.

Round and oval mirror shapes create unity. One placed in your bedroom can help in attracting more harmony in your relationship. It may also help in attracting a brand new relationship into your life!

The only place that we do not recommend you place a mirror is at the foot of your bed.

Blessings, Elaine

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Feng Shui,Exercise and Past Relationships


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Feng Shui, Exercise and Past Relationships

  • Don’t make your bedroom the focus of your workout. Remove exercise equipment. You don’t want your romantic relationship to feel like a workout, so remove those things which remind you of exercise.Remove any reminders of past relationships from your bedroom. This includes mementos, photos, journals, dried flowers, notes, love letters and old gifts from a former love. These items could be preventing you from allowing a new relationship into your life.
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    Feng Shui For Romantic Bedrooms


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     The master bedroom is considered the most important room in the house! You probably haven’t heard that one before but it’s true. The master bedroom nourishes the adults of the house and in turn, they nourish the children. The marital bed represents rest, rejuvenation and Love.

    The master bedroom is also the room that should be a safe harbor for the adults of the house. Ideally it should be off limits for the children. This room should be an oasis of rest, and Romance!

    Parents should have the time and inclination for love.  A bedroom with good feng shui creates harmony and balance.  A healthy romantic relationship between the parents will  benefit the entire household. Happier satisfied parents will generally create a happier home.

    The placement of the bed is really important. Never place a bed under a beam. Especially if the beam runs vertically between the couple. This could create an energetic separation of the partners.

    The foot of the bed should not face the door of the bedroom or the door of the bathroom if possible.

    A bedroom over a garage is never desired as you will be sleeping over a cold, energetically empty space. Couples sleeping over a garage often report a stagnation in their love life.

    A gentle spray of orange spice or gardenia is wonderful for stirring up the senses… and lighted candles, fresh flowers and  brilliant rose colored Swarovski crystals hung from the ceiling will stimulate romance. http://www.way2fengshui.com/Crystals

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