Thanksgiving is all about Gratitude


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Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for all of the many blessings in our lives.

I start every day with the feeling of gratitude for my own blessings and prayers for those who are needy of more abundance in their own lives.

I can truthfully say that Feng Shui is truly a blessing in my life.

When I was first introduced to the practice many years ago, my husband and I were facing a number of difficulties in our life. A good and kind friend who was way ahead of his time…… (In the eighties no one had heard of Feng Shui) gifted us with a  feng shui consultation in hopes of healing some of the troubles in our life.

The results for us were truly miraculous!! For us, the positive changes in our lives were so profound that I wanted to learn what this “Feng Shui’ was all about!

I began to study, and study. I then began to test my knowledge on my friends and family, and lo and behold, their lives improved! I studied more!
I became a certified professional feng shui consultant in 1993.

The rewards of my work as a feng shui consultant for the last 18 years have been astounding. I am able to do for others what was done for me so many years ago, and for that I am forever grateful. One of the great rewards of my work is that I, myself, experience more harmony and balance in my own life.

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving and Many Blessings to you all!

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