Year of the Rabbit and Babies Born this Year!


Posted by | Posted in Chinese Astrology | Posted on 02-05-2011

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This is an important year for you pregnant ladies who will give birth this year….. The Year Of  The Rabbit!

Babies born this year are ‘metal’ rabbits and they will have a stronger presence and be more tenacious than ever, so hang onto your hats!

Children born under the sign of the Rabbit blossom in a stable environment and flourish with routine. They display an early talent for excellence in the arts, and many of them choose a career in music.

A Rabbit child is naturally inclined to be diplomatic, social, tender, nurturing and artistic. They have an inherent gift of good manners and a love for peace.

They are born with a predilection for longevity, although they may be prone to allergies and stomach issues throughout their long and healthy life.

Rabbits LOVE to be outdoors. You might find them camping or hiking for enjoyment, and they really hate to exercise indoors!

Congratulations to all you Mom’s who will welcome a little one this year!



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