Fertility,Healthy Babies and Good Feng Shui!


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Having a healthy baby is the prayer that every parent has, and those of you who have tried to conceive with no results, may feel particularly stressed and anxious, which may only contribute to the problem.

This is why it is so important to be living in a home that will generate peace, harmony and tranquility. (Feng Shui to the rescue)!

There are so many elements contributing to fertility, and I couldn’t begin to offer advice since I’m not an MD, but with  my expertise in Feng Shui, I might be able to offer some advice in ways that you’ve never even thought of!

After working with your doctors, another way to increase your odds of becoming pregnant with a healthy baby is to maximize your ability to harmonize and balance any troublesome negative energy that may be lurking in your home. (You’d be surprised how important this is to correct…not just for pregnancy, but for everyone)!

When trying to conceive, try some of these feng shui fertility tips.

  • When you are trying to conceive, it’s best to avoid any remodeling, major or minor around your home. Remodeling disrupts the vital balance of energy within the home and we would not recommend it while trying to conceive.
  • Don’t agitate the energy around your bed. (I know this sounds strange and difficult, especially if you’re obsessive compulsive) but here it is! Avoid dusting under your bed while you are attempting to conceive!
  • The area under your bed should be clear (no storage) so energy can circulate while you sleep. This is not only important for conception and during pregnancy, but it’s a good rule for everyone
  • Wear Rose Quartz crystals or place them in your bedroom. Rose Quartz is known to enhance fertility!
  • Add a bouquet of white flowers to the Childrens’ Area (the right center area of your bedroom) This is the area of the “bagua” or energy graph that nourishes children. This will encourage health for mother and child.

“After many unsuccessful attempts at getting pregnant, within a few weeks, I am pregnant! My husband doesn’t know how it works, only that it does! Thank you, Elaine. You have truly changed our lives.”

Nicole Scott
Farmers Insurance and Financial Services
Santa Clarita, CA

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Love and Blessing,




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De-cluttering Children’s Bedrooms. Help!


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Ever open the door to your child’s bedroom and feel overwhelmed with all the clutter your kids create? Sound familiar?

Maybe you can’t even cross the room without stepping on clothes, toys, games, stuffed animals and maybe even  a CD or two.

NOTE: A child’s bedroom is the external reflection of who he or she is internally. It is essential to create HARMONY rather than CHAOS!

You may be tearing your hair out trying to reason with your child, but children naturally seem to want  a lot of “stuff” surrounding them, so it’s important not to yell, scream or otherwise intimidate them into cleaning their room. There may be a better way!

The first thing you might be tempted to do is to clean the room yourself. (Mom’s often fall into this trap)!  How long did it take for them to re-create their piles of junk on your nicely cleared floors and table tops? A day, two days… a week?

Also worth noting is that you send your child a message that he or she is not in control of his/her own space when you charge into their rooms clearing and scouring!

So, enough hair pulling…Let’s get down to some solutions!

Act As A  Team!

If you work together you will most likely find solutions that will work for both of you and not threaten the child’s feeling of ownership of his/her own space.

The kind of clutter that should be more difficult to remove is not usually the transient clutter that collects from day to day but the items that stay put for weeks on end.

Items in question may be books, clothes, stuffed animals, games. etc. Often so much time has passed that your child has either out grown the clothes that have accumulated or has become too old for most of the games, stuffed animals, toys and books. But getting them to part with some of these ‘cherished’ items could become a tug of war!

A possible solution may be asking your child to donate some of his outgrown possessions to  under-privileged children.

Allowing children to make decisions  in giving away some of their possessions to a child less fortunate will also teach compassion. The child feels empowered by doing something nice for someone and it lessens the feelings of LOSS..

The above solution has worked numerous times with so many of my feng shui clients that I thought I would pass it on!

Just a thought about possibly hiding storage under your child’s bed. This is to be avoided because it could prevent a free flow of chi circulating above and below the bed. This could disrupt sleep and even impact the health of a susceptible child.

Children want to be proactive in decorating their rooms and I have two wonderful sites that you might want to check out for decor. You and your child can peruse the selections and together, choose JUST the right items you both love! 

My clients have reported that this site below has wonderful area rugs for kids bedrooms! (Just click and shop)!


If you have a daughter, you MUST check out this site for the most luscious goods for your special girl. http://www.laylagrayce.com/?SSAID=381962

Luscious is truly the word for their items!

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For more Feng Shui Tips go here. http://www.way2fengshui.com/articleindex.html

Many Blessings, Elaine


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