Feng Shui Office Energizers


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If you want to work better and produce more, it might be a good idea to use a few of these “feng shui energizers!’

Try putting a small pot of  lucky bamboo next to your computer to absorb some excess radiation, but mainly to create a more peaceful energy while you work.

Golden Pathos is considered a wonderful feng shui plant. Place one either in front of your desk or just beside it if you are seated directly in front of the door to your office. This will disperse some of the negative chi or (shar chi) that hits you from the doorway.

If you absolutely have to have your back to your door (not recommended) then be sure to find a way to place a mirror either on your desk or on the wall so you can see a reflection of the office entrance. Not having a commanding view of the doorway can create work related stress, fatigue and a lack of well-being while working.

Use high energy items sprinkled around your office, such as photos of your family or friends that carry the energy of happy moments.  Also, bright vibrant art raises the chi of your space.

Look around your working space. Does it suggest a flow or does it seem cluttered or congested?

Do you enjoy being in this space or do you feel uncomfortable while working? 

Utilizing good feng shui guidlines will help you to become organized and more productive, and you will certainly feel less stressful!

“Elaine has used her incredible Feng Shui skills in my homes and offices for over six years. After her initial visit, my income tripled in three months! My stress level decreased dramatically, and clients and staff  are more relaxed. My personal life has also seen some major positive changes. She is a highly talented woman and I won’t make a move without her advice!”

Robert Radcliffe
Brentwood, California

 Contact Elaine:  egwright@way2fengshui.com


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Desk facing a wall, a”no-no!”


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It doesn’t matter if your desk in  your home office or your office away from home. It’s important to understand how your desk position can either attract opportunities or stop them dead in their tracks.

If you are an executive, CEO of your company or just have a home based business, sitting at a desk facing the wall with your back to the door will block your opportunities or you will escape them all together!

We speak of the “commanding position” for your desk to enable you to attract more business success. The command position in basically toward the back of the room with a direct view of the door to the office. You can place your desk in either the back Center sector of your office, corresponding with  (FAME), the Back Left area, (Wealth) or back Right (Relationship) area.

All three of these positions put you in command of your business. Just make sure that your desk is not DIRECTLY in front of the door to your office space. That would put too much fast moving energy (chi) coming directly at you!

It you use these desk tips you will be inviting healthy opportunities and more business success!

Yours in Good Feng Shui!



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Elaine Giftos Wright, Feng Shui professional consultant, teacher, speaker and author.

Contact: egwright@way2fengshui.com


Balance Your Chi With Bling!! Go below to…..


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Feng Shui For Your Office


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Just as the methodology behind the principles of Feng Shui can help you improve the positive Chi in your home, the same principles can be applied to your business environments to work toward helping you achieve the ultimate in success!

Feng Shui applied to an office space can enhance the working conditions of the occupants. It may help to draw in continuous business success and even raise the revenue of the business. At the very least, your workspace will be more in balance; allowing for a sense of harmony between you and those you work with.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to get rid of clutter in your workspace. In my practice, I have seen businesses ‘take off’ when they simply began a clutter clearing and organization process! Clutter stimulates an energy that is negative and must be minimized!

Desk Shape:

The shape of your desk can have an impact on the level of productivity of the person who sits at the desk.

Best shapes: Curves and soft edges can encourage creativity, while desks that are shaped like a kidney are designed in the form of the human body and gives an individual the subliminal feeling of internal alignment.


Making use of plants in an office space will allow individuals an opportunity to connect with the world of nature. When I’m consulting with clients, I will often recommend a properly placed plant or tree to help foster new ideas while increasing the flow of positive Chi.

Green plants help to bring an ‘aliveness’ to an otherwise stagnant environment while providing additional beauty to the workplace. 

I will be giving you more tips on how to increase your business success using Feng Shui principles in my near future blogs, so stay tuned!

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Yours In Good Feng Shui!



Elaine Giftos Wright, Certified Feng Shui consultant, instructor, speaker and author of “Feng Shui For Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness”




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