About Elaine

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Elaine Giftos Wright is a nationally known Feng Shui expert, teacher, speaker and author. She is the owner and founder of The Wright Way of Feng Shui, a company dedicated to improving the lives of others.

Elaine has been well trained in the Art of Feng Shui. Having studied under some of the greatest masters in the world, she has a special allegiance to her first and foremost teacher, Grand Master Professor Thomas Lin Yun. Under His tutelage in Berkeley CA., Elaine has become one of the most sought after and respected Feng Shui consultants in the country, traveling far and wide to accommodate her clientele. Elaine works closely with all of her clients to help achieve the ultimate desired effect, without changing or altering the style and taste of the client. She is very sensitive to the needs of the client, and will never impose a Feng Shui “cure” that will seem obtrusive. With her sense of design and her expert knowledge of Feng Shui, she will always find a Feng Shui adjustment that fits the taste of the client.

Over time, Elaine has developed a large following of satisfied clients willing to speak highly of her extraordinary Feng Shui skills. Her clients include virtually hundreds of family homes, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, shopping centers, and physician, attorney and dentist offices. Real estate brokers and agents routinely call upon Elaine to help market their properties for faster sales, using her expertise in Feng Shui along with her significant talents in Home Staging. Elaine is often contacted by architects, builders, interior designers, and landscapers who seek advice on their prospective projects. Elaine also has a large client roster of TV and film celebrities, along with many recording artists as well. Executives in the TV, film and recording industries have called upon Elaine to help bring balance and harmony into their environments often plagued by stress and tension. She uses a practical approach to the application of Feng Shui, which often results in positive changes within a short amount of time.

By recognizing our environment as a manifestation of our spiritual and psychological condition, Elaine Giftos Wright explores this intersection of self and home, to help her clients find true comfort and joy. Since the spiritual precedes the physical, the “Wright Way of Feng Shui” method can create a new beginning, repair what is harmful, and increase what is already good in homes, shops, and offices. Among other things, Elaine has successfully used Feng Shui to increase her clients’ business and income, resolve family conflicts, help them find the perfect partner, or give their careers a needed boost.

Some of you may recognize Elaine from her former work in the entertainment industry. As a young girl, she began her career as a ballerina with the New York City Ballet Company, and then went on to perform on Broadway in numerous plays and musicals. In her early twenties, she came to California to star in the television series, “The Young Interns” and to play opposite Barbra Streisand and Jack Nicholson in “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.” Since then, she has starred in hundreds of TV shows and films including, Three’s Company, Magnum P.I., Ally McBeal and Murder She Wrote, to name a few. Her work in Feng Shui gives her more pleasure than all the years she spent in the entertainment business.


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